Recommendations and warnings: Evaluation of self-service washing stations (Upper Franconia)

Self-service washing stations have opened more and more frequently in recent years. Providers such as Washtec offer complete installations of such stations, so even small business owners can set up a self-service car wash in their yard. However, many self-service car washes are neglected and offer too little for the money, which is noticeable in the washing times being too short or poor washing chemicals.

I’ve washed all my cars at several washing stations in the Bayreuth and Bamberg area and have had both good and bad experiences. For all those who would like to have something for their money and want to avoid the paintwork being completely scratched by the washing brush, I am gradually building up a small self-service washing station ranking here!


Send me your experiences or comment on this article and I will add further washing box recommendations or warnings to this list!

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  • car wash: A small, brand new Car wash (manufacturer: Washtec/Ehrle) only a few kilometers away from my home village. So basically something in the middle of nowhere district of Bamberg. Address: Mühlfeld 1, 96114 Hirschaid (district of Erlach)
    This self-service washing station was put into operation around 2009/2010. It offers 4 washing places. In my opinion the best self-service car wash ever, where I wash most often. The brushes are not too dirty, one makes sure that no agricultural machinery getting washed. Pressure, water volume and shampoo volume are for the money nowhere to be found in abundance. High-pressure lances, electronics, etc. like new even after 3 years of operation. Attention: The suckers like to swallow money and then don’t run. Opening hours are (no guarantee!) Sundays and public holidays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., weekdays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Planet car wash: Mainly a very well-known Upper Franconian textile washing plant with very modern technology and extremely moderate prices. address: Laubanger 3, 96052 Bamberg. In addition to the high-end textile washing system, there are also plenty of vacuum cleaners and self-service washing areas on offer. If you are new, you need a few minutes before you understand how to start the vacuum cleaner (central coin slot). Especially in the winter months, it’s always a gamble that the laundry is open when you get there.
  • WAP raccoon at Kärntenstrasse 10 in 96052 – Bamberg. Here is the website. About 15-20 self-service wash bays and automatic car wash. The big advantage of this self-service provider is that very high-quality washing chemicals are used. The “foam brush” produces better foam than anywhere else. The water/foam mixture is also mixed with hot water – a huge plus. So dirt can be solved more easily. Unfortunately, the amount of water/running times of the individual programs are a bit short. Especially many washing programs to choose from.
  • Service Center North Ring (SCN) Address: Spinnereistrasse 1, 95445 Bayreuth. 5 washing places, one of them with around-stairs to eg mobile homesalso washable from top to bottom! Relatively little water pressure, shampoo with a slightly strange smell. The amount of water is OK, the washing areas are often dirty with, for example, soaked paper and other rubbish. Several suckers directly opposite. The SCN also has a textile washing line that offers moderate prices and good quality.
  • Drive in car service in Bayreuth. Address: Himmelkronstraße 14, 95445 Bayreuth. The car wash in Upper Franconia, with the best, most affordable vacuum cleaners. Optimum, flat shape of the suction heads to really get to all corners. The self-service car wash from the manufacturer Kärcher is more of a cabinet of horrors: Although it is clean and well-groomed, you could just as easily throw the money thrown in out the car window. water pressure is barely available, there is much more out of the shower in your own bathroom. The washing brushes are extremely worn and are apparently only very rarely exchanged. With washing programs such as “Rinse”, shampoo or other washing solutions come out of the high-pressure lance, leaving an ugly film on the vehicle instead of rinsing it. The duration of the washing programs is nowhere as short as here. I was forced to visit the washing station several times within a year and always had the same experiences.

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