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Red-blue-white – an everlasting combination

The three colors are definitely a chic inspiration for your home decor, because they complement each other beautifully to create an aesthetic, stylish combination without one of the colors becoming too dull.

Living room, stylish ambience, dining table, side table, armchair, blue, white, red living room ideas

A stylish ambience has undoubtedly been created in this living room.

Living room, red armchair, white side table, white closet-living room ideas

Rin modern sofa in red steals the show here!

Red and blue, home furnishings, red chairs, blue wall, ambience, ceiling lights-living room ideas

These red and blue home furnishings are complemented by chic red chairs.

Blue and red in the furnishing, floor lamp, decoration, tapette, sofa-living room ideas

Blue and red in this interestingly designed facility

The combination of blue, red and white nuances is very suitable for furnishing the living room. It is well known that every color has a special effect on a person’s well-being, as well as on his physical and mental health. The red color increases our energy level and increases our spiritual strength, because it is stimulating and invigorating. Blue is ideal for finding inner and outer peace and reducing stress and hectic pace. White is a magical color that goes well with everyone else.

The combination of white painted walls, pieces of furniture and decorations in bright, strong and lively red and blue is classic and always trendy.

red dining table, blue chairs-living room ideas

Red dining table and blue chairs – how do you like that?

blue couch, blue wall living room ideas

Blue couch is against the modern designed wall

Another option for the design of living spaces in these colors is a wall painted blue with red furnishings. It is advisable to put the blue accent on just one wall. Otherwise the room will appear too cold and accordingly uncomfortable due to the cool appearance of the blue color.

blue wall, blue couch, standing table, side table - living room ideas

Blue accent wall – again a great eye-catcher in the living room

red furniture, blue wall, floor standing, ambience living room ideas

Red furniture brings a touch of classic to this living room

blue wall, white couch, wall decor-living room ideas

Interesting decorative items hang here on the blue painted wall

Classic pieces of furniture with clear lines and items in vintage style go well with this.

red furniture, blue wall, vintage look living room ideas

Red-brown furniture rounds off the vintage look in the living room

Furnishing color blue, vintage look, chest of drawers, home accessories-living room ideas

Dominant interior color blue

Side table in red, vintage look living room ideas

Side table in red, matching the vintage look

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