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Red roses make every heart beat faster

The rose is rightly called the “queen of flowers” because it captivates us all with its unique natural beauty and a delicate but bewitching scent. The creative power of nature knows no bounds with roses, because we experience these flowers in different colors. Their color palette ranges from innocent white and soft pink to expressive orange and passionate red to mysterious black. They all express strong emotions whenever we give roses to our loved ones. Or we feel special and valued when we receive them as gifts. There is no way we can say everything about roses in an article, so today we only want to focus our attention on red roses and report interesting facts about these natural beauties.

Luxuriös gebundener Blumenstrauß rote Rosen passendes Geschenk zum Valentinstag

Red roses tied into a beautiful bouquet cannot leave anyone indifferent, especially on Valentine’s Day!

  • Interesting facts about red roses and their symbolism

Today there are over 2500 species of roses worldwide. They decorate gardens and parks from May to late autumn. The red roses are only part of the whole rose family and they look back on an ancient history. These existed on earth around 25 million years ago. That means that the roses are older than humanity. At first there were only wild roses, then these were grown and tended in the garden. In ancient Egypt, red roses were consecrated to the goddess Isis, but they were also used as grave goods. Another interesting fact is that the rose water was still known to the ancient Egyptians in 300 BC. was known. So it has been used in everyday life since ancient times and valued as a beauty product.

Frauenhände mit stilvoller Maniküre in weinrot halten eine rote Rose

Red is the color of love and an expression of passion.

Red roses also came from Egypt to Greece, where they became an integral part of the world of gods. For example, the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, was constantly surrounded by red roses. Their symbolism developed back then and to this day red roses are a symbol of deep love and deepest passion. And that is unlikely to change.

Schöne rote Rosen in weißer Vase arrangiert

From ancient times to the present day, red roses have been accepted as symbols of love and passion.

This symbolism of the red roses developed further in ancient Rome, where Emperor Nero paid special homage to the “Queen of Flowers”. The Romans could also make rose wine themselves and at festivals they decorated their palaces with rose petals. In the Middle Ages, when the Christian faith was very strong, red roses were considered a gift from God. The red of the rose petals symbolized the blood of Christ at that time. For this reason, red roses were used as jewelry at various Christian festivals. Over the centuries, red roses have become the most beautiful flowers. Today you can see them in every garden and park in Europe.

Rosenstrauch rote Rosen im Garten

Red roses adorn parks and private gardens across Europe.

Geschenk Flasche Sekt rote Rosen das beste Geschenk zum Valentinstag

Red roses are the best gift for Valentine’s Day!

  • On what occasions are red roses appropriate?

Today, red roses are undoubtedly the number 1 choice of many people who want to express their feelings without words. That is why red roses are often given as gifts. They symbolize love, so on Valentine’s Day you usually choose red roses as a bouquet and a nice gesture for a loved one. Red roses can say more than a thousand words, they are the eternal messengers of love and passion and quickly cast a spell on us. People like to give red roses at birthday parties, family celebrations and definitely at every wedding. Such a bouquet exudes love and joie de vivre. For this reason, red roses always conjure a smile on the face of the recipient. This creates great moments full of love, respect and endless joy, which you will remember long after the specific event. But do you really need an occasion to express feelings of love and bring joy to your loved one?

Bouquet rote Rosen in weißer Box ein Mann schenkt sie seiner geliebten Frau

Give red roses and reveal your feelings

Festlich dekorierter Tisch rote Rosen auf Serviette weiße Porzellanteller Besteck

Red roses are often used as table decorations at every celebration.

If you want to find out more about roses and their symbolism, click here!

Rote Rosen blühen im Garten

Einfaches Päckchen mit roter Rose geschmückt drückt Romantik aus

A small and very humble gift can look stylish when it is decorated with a red rose.

Bouquet rote Rosen Vintage Style passendes Geschenk zum Valetinstag

You can give roses at any festival, sometimes without a special occasion.

Blumen herrlich rote Rosen

rote rosen wassertropfen

rote rosen valentinstag

rote rosen strauß leidenschaft überraschung

Rote Rosen in Herzform

rote rosen deko ideen

rote Rosen Blumen und Geschenke versendenRote RoseRote Rose auf Holzrosen rot

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