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Redroad V17: Strong suction power and breathtaking exterior design at an affordable price

The rapid development of new technologies has changed our everyday life in many positive ways. This process doesn’t stop, of course. But on the contrary! Newer, more powerful and efficient devices come onto the market every year that make household chores much easier and more pleasant. A little more: most of them save us a lot of time and are also available at a low price. For example, have you already heard of the new Redroad V17 cordless cordless vacuum cleaner? This is a modern household helper of the new generation and is characterized by high suction power, good looks and an excellent price-performance ratio. The new cordless cordless vacuum cleaner from the Redroad brand is proof of precise work and first-class exterior design. As a customer, you get a high level of cleaning performance. This also includes satisfaction because your home is always clean and well-maintained.

Redroad V17 – elegant in design, powerful and available at a low price in Europe.

Redroad V17 Staubsauger der neuen Generation elegant im Design leistungsstark zu einem gunstigen Preis erhaltlich

What you should definitely know about the Redroad V17?

The Redroad V17 cordless vacuum cleaner is powerful, efficient and durable. The device has a lithium-ion battery that must be charged for a maximum of 60 minutes. The plus point of this is that you will not be disturbed by annoying cables if you have jammed eyes and you avoid constant bending over. As a result, you will not experience any back or neck pain, which is a great benefit for many customers. In addition, these state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners have two HEPA filters that catch any microparticles and make the room air even cleaner. The vacuum cleaner motor works at full speed without generating additional noise.

Now everyone can clean their home without experiencing back pain and without making a lot of noise.

Redroad V17 Staubsauger der neuen Generation Mann beim Saubermachen ohne Ruckenschmerzen ohne viel Larm

The plus points of the noise reduction system at a glance

Redroad V17 Staubsauger der neuen Generation Pluspunkte des Gerauschreduzierungs Systems auf einen Blick

What is the reason for the strong suction power of the Redroad V17?

The speed of the digital brushless magnetic levitation motor reaches a whopping 120,000 rpm and thus exceeds 98% of all other vacuum cleaners currently on the market. But unlike many others of the top 2%, the Redroad V17 foregoes increasing engine speed to impressive levels. This also avoids the risk that the service life of the motor is impaired or the development of noise increases. To boost suction in a healthier (if not a noticeable way) way, the Redroad V17 tweaks the design of the air ducts. With the 450 W motor and the now patented air duct design, Redroad achieves a suction power of 155 AW or a negative pressure of 26,500 Pa. All of this represents the highest performance value in this category, with a low noise level.

With the strong suction power, but the moderate engine temperature and the muffled noise, the Redroad V17 will give you a pleasant time cleaning your home.

Even the smallest details have been carefully thought out in this vacuum cleaner.

Redroad V17 Staubsauger der neuen Generation jedes kleine Detail ist prazis durchdacht

The perfect exterior design is also an important feature of Redroad V17

Many customers may think that appearance doesn’t play a big role in a vacuum cleaner. However, the Redroad designers believe that a good looking vacuum cleaner can make everyday cleaning work more enjoyable.

The dust container is made of highly transparent polymers. Not only is it crystal clear and elegant, but it also has a practical advantage: you can see the waste clearly and know when it needs to be emptied.

For the HEPA filters that you have to replace regularly, the Redroad V17 offers a colorful selection of covers. You can choose the colors you like and customize the look of your own Redroad V17 vacuum cleaner. Alternative HEPA filters are currently available in Redroad stores and also online where you can check out other models of the brand as well.

The Redroad V17 scores with a perfect price-performance ratio

There are customers who take a good price-performance ratio for granted. But in reality, a lot of people buy a cheap vacuum cleaner and only then realize that it is not powerful enough and that buying it was a waste of money. Other shoppers dig deeper into their pockets to buy a “branded vacuum” without knowing that they could have got the same, if not better, performance at a much cheaper price. That is why you have to be well informed before buying a vacuum cleaner in order to be able to make the right purchase decision. You can’t go wrong with the Redroad V17, because it is currently the best vacuum cleaner on the market. With this, work performance, design and price are right, so that every penny is worth it.

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