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Renovating the kitchen – practical tips and creative ideas

Before we start with the topic of kitchen renovation today, we want to first warn you that every kitchen, old or modern, needs a makeover every few years. This is quite expensive for most homeowners, so they prefer to leave everything as it is. Such a way of thinking is, of course, not at all correct. That is why we want to give you some practical tips and creative ideas before you start designing your dream kitchen.


Your dream kitchen could look like this after the renovation


or be designed very simply

1. Plan carefully before you start renovating your kitchen
The look of your kitchen should reflect your lifestyle. Start by thinking about what you use this room for and what you need there every day. It is clear to all of us that a kitchen renovation is a very serious undertaking. So before you dive into remodeling work, you need to know exactly what you want to achieve with this remodeling. Would you just like to replace something of your kitchen equipment, move the furniture or give the kitchen cabinets a completely new look? In short, set yourself very clear goals first and only then get started!


Do you want an open shelf to block your view?

Cake shelves-kitchen-renovating-ideas

Open kitchen shelves can be constructed and placed super practical

Once you have a better idea of ​​your remodeling plan, research many different kitchen designs that will suit your ideas for a modern kitchen well. But don’t forget to properly assess what you can and cannot treat yourself to.


Maybe you just need a new kitchen splashback to completely change the look of your kitchen

kitchen appliances-kitchen-renovating-ideas

Modern kitchen with built-in kitchen appliances


Try to use your creative ideas in kitchen renovation

2. Try to calculate the renovation costs as precisely as possible
Here on our website we rarely write about money and finance. We’d rather share practical tips and creative ideas with you, and let you decide what you can afford. It’s the same with kitchen renovation. All sorts of things for a dream kitchen are available on the market, all you have to do is set your personal priorities. It is also a great idea to always draw up Plan A and Plan B of the renovation and compare the budget. This will definitely help you make the right decisions. It depends, of course, on how flexible you are with your finances.


Before starting your “kitchen renovation” project, try to calculate your financial costs exactly


Let it be clear to everyone – kitchen remodeling is expensive, but the end result would certainly satisfy you

But here is a practical tip from us: Expect the unexpected! You never know what the cost of remodeling will be. For example, when renovating a fairly old kitchen from the 60s or 70s, it is advisable to plan for a little higher costs. In such kitchens you have to replace the entire electrical and water pipes in most cases, and that costs a lot more money, of course!


An old kitchen from the 60s or 70s can also be renovated, because everything is possible here


In a country kitchen, you may need to replace all of the electrical and plumbing and this will greatly affect the total cost of the renovation

  1. Kitchen design & room planning

There are limitless design options available to you, because a kitchen design can be varied. You can choose from typical rustic kitchens, from those in vintage and retro looks to those in the traditional country house style, or you can wish for very modern, innovative designs. It is important that your kitchen is functionally furnished and designed and that it fully meets your needs. It is an indisputable fact that every kitchen works differently. Therefore, you should plan the individual functional areas in advance.

  • Define work areas for every activity or task in the kitchen. In any case, you need a stove, countertops for food preparation and enough storage space.

Should your work zone in the kitchen look like this? It is better to determine the furnishing style in advance!

Before starting your kitchen remodeling project, define your lifestyle. What exactly do you need in a kitchen? Which devices, cabinets, surfaces and extras are on your wish list? What happens in the kitchen every day? What works well in the available space? So, determine your needs and only then act!


Define your work zones very precisely depending on your lifestyle


Keep the best overview of the remodeling project of your kitchen at every stage of the remodeling

  • Keep track of the renovation work. So don’t lose the big picture, but act specifically!

The traditional work triangle is being reassessed by interior designers and architects. This means that the activities in the kitchen are not just about the refrigerator, sink and stove. Now designers are planning other activity centers or zones in this important space.

Successful kitchen planning before renovation work requires the precise definition of each Work zones in advance. Of course, you need convenient storage options for your food, including long-life storage options for refrigerated and frozen food. Think in advance where you can store your dishes, cutlery and determine a place for glass and chinaware and other kitchen utensils. You will also need to set up a dedicated recycling / disposal area with recycling bins and garbage cans, and plan a space for household cleaning items. Pay special attention to the area for cooking and food preparation, because these are the most important activities in every kitchen. Of course, you need easy access to all kitchen utensils, knives, small appliances, cutting boards, bowls, etc.

In addition, a kitchen could as well Zones for different activities provide. The most important of these are:

An island, peninsula or a bar counter with stools serve as a meeting place for cocktails or drinks before dinner. Or maybe you need a proper entertainment zone for cozy conversations, which you can set up with lounge chairs, a low table, and a couple of ottomans.


Bar counter? Yes why not!

  • A cozy dining area is of course a must in every kitchen. A dining table with comfortable chairs, where the family can eat together, has to be planned in advance.


    In an eat-in kitchen there is space for everything you need there

    • In many kitchens, more and more people are designing a creative work zone, such as a small home office. If you can easily combine some activities with one another, bring your touch screen computer into the kitchen.

  • kitchen renovation

    Simplicity meets modernity

    4. Plan the right kitchen lighting

    The type of lighting, especially in the kitchen, has a strong effect on the functionality of the room and determines how we feel in this room. Therefore it would be best if you plan different light sources depending on their function when renovating your kitchen. Your multi-task areas must be illuminated accordingly. For example, you could emphasize your cooking area with suitable LED light chains and built-in lighting. Wall lights and beautiful hanging lights above the dining table are not to be underestimated. Luxuriously designed kitchen spaces can even handle a chandelier, candlesticks and track lights. The possibilities are numerous in this regard.


    Modern hanging lights above the dining table and plenty of daylight coming through the skylights illuminate the room perfectly

    hanging lamp-kitchen-renovating-ideas

    A striking hanging lamp rounds off the look of this kitchen

    5. Plan the necessary storage space in the kitchen in advance

    Finally, we would like to draw your attention to various storage and storage options in the kitchen. Needless to say, top and bottom cabinets are a must here, plenty of drawers and a pantry will help you organize and properly store your belongings.


    The kitchen island offers additional storage and storage options

    Every square meter in the kitchen counts. Before starting your renovation project, you should also think about this and plan accessible storage options in advance. This is particularly important for the correct functioning of a contemporary kitchen, regardless of its furnishing style.

    Now you can take a leisurely look at the wonderful photos in our picture gallery and draw new ideas and further inspiration for your upcoming kitchen renovation.

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