Rent a car cheaply over the weekend – that’s how it works!

If you want to take a short trip on a weekend, you are almost always better off with a rental car than with the train. Rental cars are considered expensive and at normal weekday gross prices this may be true. Rental car at the weekend However, renting has been an insider tip for a number of years: the main customers, large companies and their field staff only rarely work here, so Sixt and Co have a surplus of cars.


Tips and rules for the best weekend car rental rates

(Applies to Sixt and Hertz, Europcar and Avis usually do not have particularly attractive offers)

  • Weekend rates almost always apply from Friday 12 p.m. to Monday 9 a.m! The usual 24-hour tariff does not apply here
  • Sometimes you can book an “extended weekend” for a small surcharge: This is from Thursday 12 p.m. to Monday 9 a.m or from Friday 12 p.m. to Tuesday 9 a.m.
  • Sixt and Hertz offers often include: Additional driver, winter tires, comprehensive insurance with excess
  • Sixt offers are usually limited to around 1000km, Hertz offers are for “smaller” vehicles without KM limit

CLICK to enlarge. Excerpt from the ADAC offers: A chic 1 Series BMW or Audi A3 (class CPMR) can be had for as little as 84 EUR!

Quality rental cars for weekend fun

It gets interesting when you switch from “small and compact class” to “middle and upper class” in the Check24 search mask. Here you can book vehicles such as the Audi A4, 3 Series BMW, Audi A6, 5 Series BMW or BMW X3.5 or even the C and E Class from Mercedes. The surcharge for the higher classes is not particularly high in relation. For example, if you book the C-Class, you can get it for €114 via AVIS in our case incl. all insurances and an upgrade to the E-Class or, for example, the Audi A6 is also quite likely at the weekend.

avis c klasse mietwagen

Top offer: C-Class via AVIS for €114 from Fri.-Mon., whereby all insurance and kilometers are included!


Nowhere else are rental cars as cheap as weekend rates. Tariffs often have all kilometers, always fully comprehensive and additional driver included. As companies do not rent on weekends, the best vehicles are often available. Unfortunately, the tariff can only be booked from Friday noon to Monday 9 a.m., but this is basically sufficient for a 2-night weekend trip!

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