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Repurpose kitchen cabinets and continue to use them in different rooms

Can you imagine a kitchen without kitchen cabinets? We hardly think! The upper and lower cabinets in the kitchen actually make up the look of this important room. They can be made of a variety of materials, with wood being the most popular. In addition, you can very creatively design the kitchen cabinets in different styles, from country house style to Scandi and minimalism to super modern. The cutting-edge kitchen cabinets are currently made of tempered glass and match the color of the entire kitchen design. You no longer use handles, but push mechanisms for opening. If you are about to renovate your kitchen and want to give the room a modern touch, there are a number of great options available to you. But the question is, what do you do with those old kitchen cabinets that are in good shape? It’s a shame to throw them in the trash heap. No, that must not happen under any circumstances, because you can convert kitchen cabinets and continue to use them at home.

In the following we show you 30 great ways how you can convert your kitchen cabinets and keep using them.

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren im Home Office verwenden weiße Schränke offene Einheiten Arbeitsplatte aus Holz Bürostuhl

Old kitchen cabinets are too valuable to be thrown away!

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren in Schwarz streichen im Heimbüro einsetzen nicht wegwerfen viel Stauraum offene und geschlossene Staueinheiten

Why do you have to repurpose kitchen cabinets and keep using them?

Kitchen cabinets are very practical pieces of furniture and are characterized by their longevity out. As is well known, they are made of natural wood, for example solid wood. This material never goes out of style and is extremely durable. Since the furniture made of solid wood is quite expensive, inexpensive variants have also been designed for the kitchen cabinets, for example made of plywood, pressboard, with real wood or plastic veneers. On the one hand, these imitate the natural wood well, on the other hand, they are very resistant. With the right care, you can enjoy your kitchen cabinets for years to come. To do this, kitchen cabinets can be repurposed, and quite easily. The wooden surfaces can be painted in a desired color, varnished or spiced up with an additional layer of gloss. With this you breathe new life into your old kitchen cabinets.

Repurposing kitchen cabinets: Even old pieces of furniture shouldn’t be considered rubbish.

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren Heimbüro alte Schränke in Grau gestrichen Holzstuhl Holzarbeitsplatte Schubladen Flechtkorb Schreibtischlampe Wanduhr

You can spice it up and cleverly use it in other rooms at home.

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren in Marineblau gestrichen grauer Teppich weiße Hocker Sofa elegante Raumgestaltung im Home Office

Kitchen cabinets have another special plus point, namely they offer a lot of storage space. In every kitchen you need open or closed storage options for dishes and all common kitchen utensils. That’s why the Storage space proverbial in the kitchen cupboards! But how can you convert old kitchen cabinets and benefit a lot from the storage space you already have? The following amazing ideas are sure to be a great source of inspiration for remodeling your kitchen cabinets.

Converted kitchen cabinets fit perfectly in the home office!

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren Unterschränke in Marineblau große Schubladen Oberschränke in Weiß offene Einheiten für Bücher Heimbüro PC Bürostuhl

Paint your old kitchen cabinets in matt black and create great contrasts with white!

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren in Mattschwarz streichen im Heimbüro einsetzen tolle Kontraste weißer Hintergrund weißer Tisch hellgrauer Teppich

Give your kitchen cabinets a second chance!

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren im Home Office in Weiß gestrichen sehr einladende Raumatmosphäre schaffen

Repurposing kitchen cabinets – 5 enchanting ideas for their remodeling and new uses

  • Kitchen cabinets in the home office

Since most people currently work in the home office, it is very important that they feel comfortable there and have enough storage space for documents, folders and many other office items. That’s why there is nothing better than converting a few kitchen cabinets and using them in your own work space. Kitchen cabinets offer you open and closed storage units, they have numerous drawers and open shelves. Simply ideal for every home office! Repaint the cabinets in a matching color and combine them with a desk. That’s how fast you can design your new workspace!

Who said that kitchen cabinets only belong in the kitchen?

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren in Hellblau im Heimbüro eingebaute Beleuchtung offene Einheiten Bücher Fotos Andenken

You can repurpose kitchen cabinets and create the perfect minimalist home office.

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren das perfekte minimalistische Heimbüro einrichten blaue Schränke rosa Stuhl Sitzbank

This is how you create an appealing working atmosphere in your home office.

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren weiße Schränke Arbeitsplatte aus hellem Holz Stuhl Vase mit weißen Hortensien

Convert kitchen cabinets and use them in the bathroom

If you have a large bathroom and want lots of storage space, a double vanity, a vanity area and the like, kitchen cabinets are your best choice. You can put together different combinations of these and make your bathroom look gorgeous by sticking to one style, you don’t have to tweak anything here. A vanity or dressing table can also be converted from kitchen cabinets – just add a new top.

These converted emerald green kitchen cabinets now cut a fine figure in the bathroom!

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren smaragdgrüne Schränke im weißen Bad guter Farbkontrast runder Spiegel mit goldenem Rahmen weißer Topf mit Orchidee

In the bathroom you also need a lot of storage space for hand and bath towels and bathroom cosmetics.

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren hoher grauer Schrank im Bad eingesetzt bietet viel Stauraum für Tücher und Badkosmetika

Gray is the new black! Even in the bathroom!

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren graue Schränke im Bad Stauraum für Tücher zwei große Spiegel schicke Raumgestaltung

Kitchen cabinets can be put to good use in the laundry room

Laundry rooms are becoming increasingly popular because they are multifunctional spaces. There you also need a lot of storage space so that you can convert your old kitchen cabinets and use them in your laundry room. Even if the space is pretty small, you might need a couple of closets to hide a washer and dryer. Surely you still want the laundry room to be tidy and clean, don’t you? The converted kitchen cupboards in particular help you with their storage space to clear out the laundry room and to hide everything that you do not need.

The high cupboard offers plenty of storage space, where you can also hide the washing machine and dryer.

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren Waschküche in Hellgrau Waschmaschine und Trockner gut versteckt

This laundry room is designed with lots of cupboards to be practical and stylish at the same time.

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren Waschküche praktisch und stilvoll zugleich gestaltet

Kitchen cabinets also work great in a house bar

If you have a house bar or want to make one, get a couple of kitchen cabinets to rearrange and organize your drinks preparation and storage in the best possible way. If the cabinets match your kitchen, they will be ideal and very practical at the same time. There is plenty of storage space where you can store bottles, openers, glasses and other stuff. A small additional refrigerator for the drinks can also be hidden there. How do you find this idea?

This house bar fits perfectly into the open space concept.

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren Kühlbox für Getränke elegante Hausbar offenes Raumkonzept Glasvitrinen

The party can begin!

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren Hausbar viel Stauraum für Gläser und Flaschen Glasschränke Vitrinen

How do you find the idea for a small home bar?

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren eine kleine Hausbar gestalten Schränke in Marineblau Weinregal Vitrinen Gläser

Converted kitchen cabinets are a must in any dining room

More and more apartments and houses have a separate dining room, which is why all design aspects in this room are in demand and up-to-date. Converted kitchen cabinets are an absolute must there. These pieces of furniture can be used to store dishes, wine bottles and various kitchen accessories that are not needed for cooking, but for serving. Decorate the kitchen cabinets in the dining room with photos, pictures or small souvenirs and you get a beautiful, stylish and cozy dining room! For your great hours together with family and friends!

Convert old kitchen cabinets and find a practical use for them in the dining room

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren praktischer Einsatz im Essraum viele Aufbewahrungsmöglichkeiten für Geschirr ee und Kaffee Service

These built-in kitchen cabinets look just the right place.

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren einbauen im Esszimmer zahlreiche Aufbewahrungsmöglichkeiten

Take a look at the other picture examples for the use of the kitchen cabinets and draw new inspiration! You may want to convert your old kitchen cabinets and keep using them in your home in the next few months. As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to do this!

Your cleaning cosmetics should rather be hidden.

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren Reinemache Kosmetika einordnen gut im Schrank verstecken

A classic bathroom all in white!

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren im Badezimmer einsetzen klassische Raumgestaltung ganz in Weiß großer Spiegel Hängelampen

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren im Badezimmer einsetzen viel Stauraum für Tücher großer Wandspiegel Lampen

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren sehr stilvolle Badgestaltung in Weiß großer Wandspiegel interessante Bodenfliesen

You can create a great color contrast in the white bathroom with dark blue base cabinets.

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren dunkelblaue Unterschränke tollen Farbkontrast schaffen im weißen Bad

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren interessante Gestaltungsidee im Bad dunkelblau und grau kombinieren

Küchenschränke umfunktionieren Bad im Landhausstil hellblaue Schränke großer Wandspiegel Holzrahmen

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