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Hisun dealer network in Germany and Austria: entry-level model 'ATV 500 EFI EPS 4x4' for 5,999 eurosThe construction of the Hisun dealer network is progressing. “The dealer network structure in Germany and Austria is extremely satisfactory,” says Bruno Payer from Karcher, the general importer for Germany and Austria, who is currently completely restructuring the Hisun dealer network in these two countries. Since starting with the Chinese manufacturer in February, Karcher has already installed a dealer network of around 30 authorized dealers. “The expansion of the Hisun dealer network will be completed in the next few months,” says Bruno Payer.

Hisun dealer network: start with four models

Hisun dealer network in Germany and Austria: upgrade model 'ATV 700 EFI EPS 4x4' for 7,499 eurosThe start is made by the entry-level model ‘ATV 500 EFI 4×4’, which Karcher offers including road approval as a retail price for 5,999 euros (retail); for German customers there is an optional LoF approval with open power of 33 hp.
The second is the ‘ATV 700 EFI’ for 7,499 euros, which brings 39 hp to the wheels with open power.
While both the 500 and 700 have single-cylinder engines, Hisun’s top model – the ‘ATV 800 V2 EFI EPS 4×4’ – is equipped with a two-cylinder engine in which the cylinders are arranged in a V-shape.
Hisun dealer network in Germany and Austria: Top model 'ATV 800 V2 EFI EPS 4x4' for 9,799 eurosAll engines are supplied with fuel by electronic injection systems, and in the top model, power steering supports the pilot’s directions. For its 800 series ATV, Karcher is asking 9,799 euros in retail, for Germany an optional LoF approval with an open output of 54.9 hp is available.
The side-by-side called ‘UTV 800 V2 EFI’ is also equipped with the same engine, for which the Hisun import in Germany and Austria charges 10,999 euros.

The Karcher group of companies

Founded in 1968 by Horst Karcher, who gave the company its name, the Karcher group of companies in Baden-Württemberg comprised the product divisions of consumer electronics, household goods, scooters, ATV and quads in 2014. The diversified portfolio ranges from high-end LCD TVs from the brands ITT and Thomson to karaoke equipment, motor scooters from the brands Benelli, Keeway and Tomos to ATVs, quads and UTVs from Hisun and Dinli. Hisun dealer network in Germany and Austria: side-by-side 'UTV 800 V2 EFI 4x4' for 10,999 euros“One thing connects all segments of the family business: quality, integrity – and the name Karcher,” says Bruno Payer, who is responsible for sales of ATVs, quads and UTVs at Karcher. Karcher AG currently employs around 100 people. All product divisions operate independently of each other, use different sales channels and are each managed independently by a sales manager.


HisunEstablished in 1988 as ‘Chongqing Huansong Industries (Group) Co. Ltd’, the company grew through a series of mergers and acquisitions in 2003. Hisun remains a private company with nine subsidiaries. As a group, Hisun now owns more than 150 hectares of land and a multi-billion dollar fortune and employs more than 2,500 people.
In mid-2013, Hisun opened new production facilities in Chongqing, where vehicles and engines for the entire world market are produced with an annual capacity of 100,000 ATVs / UTVs and 2,000,000 engines for motorcycles in compliance with the strictest quality controls. x

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