Rock It Like A Redhead Wine

Rock It Like a Redhead Wine

You can’t go wrong with a redhead when it comes to making great wine. This fun wine label and delicious flavors will make any wine lover smile. It’s also very affordable! Rock It Like a Redhead wine available now. You’ll be glad you did. This fun wine label will make you feel like a redhead if wine isn’t something you drink often.

Jen pfeiffer’s rock it like a redhead wine

Jen Pfeiffer is a winemaker. She studied Science/Law at Melbourne University and returned to the family vineyard in 2000. Her first wine, the 2000 Pfeiffer Shiraz, earned a gold medal. She soon discovered her gift for winemaking and was soon responsible to other wines such as Jen Pfeiffer’s that are redhead wines.

In 2008, Pfeiffer created the first rose liqueur wine in Australia. The wine is a fun, long drink and is described as “fresh, fruity, and fragrant.” She is involved in the Australian wine show circuit and serves as a judge at Brisbane Fine Wine Show as well as associate judge at Royal Melbourne Wine Show. She is also a guest judge at the Ballarat Show.

Stephen Millier’s wine is a redhead wine

Stephen Miller was a skilled baker before he found Naked Wines. He was a Milliare winemaker before he joined Naked Wines. But he wanted to be more focused on making wines and marketing them. He met Rowan Gormley who was the founder of Naked Wines. He jumped at the opportunity to join their team.

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