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Rock Star and Philanthropist

Bryan Guy Adams is an award-winning rock musician with multiple hits that have sold millions of albums. Additionally, he takes photos and has published multiple books.

Born in Kingston, Canada and raised with his younger brother throughout various locations worldwide where his father served in diplomatic service, he studied engineering.

Early Life and Education

He supplemented his conventional school education with an impressive collection of books on history, literature, poetry, philosophy and theology. Although a fairly good student and contributor to college periodicals alike, he didn’t place much importance in scholastic achievements.

Adams found success singing for Canadian glam rock band Sweeney Todd in 1976, helping him establish an essential musical foundation and achieve some success with his first recording, If Wishes Were Horses.

Maclean’s has named Adams “arguably Canada’s brightest male star,” due to his straight rock anthems which appeal to men and women of all ages. Adams has performed extensively across Canada and the US – his Shine A Light Tour being active as of this writing.

Professional Career

An indie rock star had long been seen as an advocate for female artists, helping promising ones get their big breaks. Yet according to explosive allegations made public in The New York Times, his help often came with strings attached.

Adams has denied all allegations, yet is facing possible repercussions that include losing publishing rights and, potentially, his house and studio. Adams issued public statements of apology in order to try and win back favor in the music world after reading about him in The Times article; unfortunately, these attempts at reconciling weren’t received with open arms by his fans or colleagues in music.

Adams has been on tour since releasing his 15th album and hopes to resume recording by 2022. Additionally, he has scheduled some West Coast theater dates this year which serve as public rehearsals of their shows on Instagram.

Achievement and Honors

Adams is one of Canada’s most beloved rock artists, acclaimed across decades for his groundbreaking and critically acclaimed music. Furthermore, he is an active philanthropist donating millions to assist those in need worldwide.

After the release of 1983’s Cuts Like a Knife, his career gained momentum and featured albums that explored various genres.

In 1985, he participated in the Northern Lights for Africa telethon to raise money for Ethiopian famine relief. That same year he also performed at Live Aid and Farm Aid concerts intended to assist family farmers across America.

He’s currently recording his 15th studio album and continues performing across the globe, being recently honored as an Officer of the Order of Canada as well as receiving the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award.

Personal Life

Bryan Adams is an active philanthropist who donates time and resources to various humanitarian causes. Additionally, Bryan is also an accomplished photographer; his works have been published in books. Bryan has taken portraits of numerous famous celebrities while also donating funds towards cancer patients’ care.

In 2007, he assisted Amy Winehouse during her drinking and drug problems by hosting her at his Mustique home, where she stayed and is said to have made significant strides toward recovery after staying there.

He has earned 20 Juno awards. As a well-known songwriter and singer, he is well known. Additionally, he is vegan who supports animal rights; an associate of PETA who conducts photoshoots for them. Alicia Grimaldi remains close to him; Louie the cat shares his home.

Net Worth

With more than 100 million singles and albums sold worldwide, Canadian rock musician Bryan Adams has become one of the wealthiest rock stars. Adams attributes his lack of gray hair to following a vegan diet while continuing to perform at charity concerts across the globe.

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