Roehnert Kunststoff Design: Piccolino mini caravan

The retro-design Piccolino mini caravan is stylish, small and light, and it is suitable for towing ATVs and quads. Roehnert Kunststoff Design from Wuppertal created this trailer for classic car fans based on the ‘ES-Piccolino’ caravan made in the 1950s. He describes it as probably the smallest caravan in the world.

Mini caravan Piccolino: in all RAL tones

Piccolino mini-caravan: in all RAL tones;  painting is also possibleWhen implementing the Piccolino, the main focus was on the lowest possible curb weight and an attractive price level. “We have achieved this goal with an empty weight of just 120 kilograms and a price starting at 2,600 euros,” says Heinz Roehnert from Roehnert Kunststoff Design. The retro design was deliberately chosen so that – in accordance with the basic idea – the caravan harmonises with vintage cars. The Piccolino mini caravan also goes well with ATV, quad and trike, not least because of the product properties.
The caravan is in the standard color RAL 9001 – Mini caravan Piccolino: weighs 120 kgcream white through-dyed – available. Due to the upper material, however, the Piccolino mini caravan can be designed in any RAL color for an additional charge. If the towing vehicle does not have a RAL color, the housing can be painted without any problems.

caravan details

The GfK housing is characterized by the good fit of the individual components and is very strong. The platform consists of a hot-dip galvanized frame. The load capacity is 300 kg. The low dead weight contributes significantly to the good driving characteristics of the caravan. The Piccolino is available either as a kit, which even inexperienced craftsmen can effortlessly create in a weekend, or as a complete vehicle.

price and availability

The Piccolino mini caravan is available from Roehnert Kunststoffdesign in Wuppertal. The kit retails for 2,750 euros. You pay 3,650 euros for a complete set. chk

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