Rohan George

Rohan George

Rohan George leads the Intellectual Property team at Samvad Partners in Chennai. His practice encompasses patent and trade mark filing, copyright licensing agreements and contentious matters associated with IP rights.

He enjoys reading science fiction books and playing tabletop games, as well as fishing and singing.

Early Life and Education

Eohan George has been teaching for 28 years and is now the principal of Trinity School in Fairfield, Alabama. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from California University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Education Administration from The University of Houston. Married to Carmella, they have three beautiful children.

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Professional Career

He worked as a carpenter for more than 50 years and co-owner of Arjay Construction Company in Youngstown. Throughout this time he was actively involved in his community and church affairs, enjoying many sports and card games with friends. Most importantly, he treasured spending time with his grandchildren – proud United States Army Veteran!

George had always dreamed of a career in education or social work, with experience working with youth. As an excellent student and hard worker, George got involved with the criminal justice system as a teenager and experienced life-altering events. It took eight years for him to be released and still leaves him with unprocessed memories from those years.

Achievements and Honors

Rohan George is an inquisitive student with a great desire to learn. He’s also well-liked and respected in the North Brunswick Township High School community for his exceptional focus, collaboration, and problem-solving skills which make him an invaluable asset to the school. Additionally, he serves as an active role model for other students by setting high expectations.

He is a highly reflective and introspective individual who understands that the best way to develop and grow is by looking outward instead of inward. His activism combined with self-awareness give him an insightful perspective on life. His other-centered attitude conveys a deep sense of responsibility, giving him insight into society’s bigger picture. These characteristics combine to make him stand out as an inspiring leader.

Personal Life

George was a devoted family man who dedicated his life to his wife and two daughters. A proud American military veteran of the Korean War, he enjoyed an illustrious career as a carpenter and co-owner of Arjay Construction Company. In his free time he enjoyed playing cards, bowling and sports; furthering his involvement in community organizations throughout his lifetime. Sadly on April 21, 2014 at 88 years old he passed away surrounded by his loving wife Alice Mike as well as beloved sons George Jr.(Gerri), Jim(Tracy), Ed(JoAnn), Ken (Rita) and Mike(Lisa); along with 14 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

Professor Judith Rogin, associate dean for academics and law school admissions at the University of Windsor, commented that George’s past failures aren’t the reason he can’t enter law school. She added that George likely possess all of the qualities needed to make an excellent lawyer.

Net Worth

George currently has a net worth of approximately $5 million, which largely stems from his professional career as an Association Football Player.

He currently plays as a defender for Carib Hurricane FC in Grenada and has earned nine caps for the national team of Grenada.

In addition to his career as an Association Football Player, he also earns money through running his own business and working for numerous advertisements.

His other sources of income come from his social media activities. With over 4 million followers on Instagram, he consistently posts new content.

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