Roman blinds: eye-catching window decorations and privacy screens

We like to talk about home textiles again and again. The practical accessories can be bought in every imaginable shape and color, and can even be delivered from abroad. Today we’re talking about different variants of the S.toff Roman blinds or “Roman rolls. They will with a chain mechanism operated and unused precisely on the upper half of the window “together drawn “.

Why are we devoting our article today to Roman blinds? First and foremost, these fabric hangings are suitable for households with small children or animals who often think of home textiles as toys. The Roman blinds are only pulled together out of the reach of the children. Additional security was also designed to protect children.

Secondly, the accessories offer privacy and sun protection. With their pretty, subtle patterns, they are used as decorative items in interiors.

These home accessories are in uDifferent fabric qualities and densities available: from transparent to translucent to darkening. Most of the time, easy-care cotton and linen fabrics are used, which are kept in good condition by regular vacuuming or cleaning.

Last but not least, the Roman blinds spice up the home design in an elegant way. They cleverly underline furniture shapes, wall colors and floor coverings.

Roman roller blinds bedroom sparkling color

Noble Roman roller blinds with luxurious patterns create a unique atmosphere

The Roman roller blinds are noble window decorations, suitable for every furnishing style and every window shape.

Dark blue roller blinds window screening ideas bedroom

Velcro fastener ensures quick removal and attachment

In the bedroom, the Roman blinds prevent inward and outward views individually as desired. The roller blinds are often installed instead of curtains because they look comfortable, effective and light. Compared to other elaborate window decorations, they are space-saving.

Roman blinds make living space beige

Flexible installation and any height of the Roman blinds for a varied look

Refined Roman roller blinds are made from almost any fine or dense curtain and decoration material. They are real all-rounders because they can be attached to the wall, ceiling or window niche.

Bedroom design traditionally pleated blinds

Discreet window decoration in traditional home design

Roman blinds find their place in both traditional and modern furnishing styles. Does your bedroom have a rustic or vintage touch? Don’t worry, because a wide variety of designs allow for discreet, traditional window decorations.

Home accessories curtains roller blinds translucent

Living idea for window design with pleated blinds and curtains

Many brands offer custom-made Roman blinds, adapted to the shape and size of the window.

Bedroom design Roman blinds striped white purple

Color-coordinated home textiles create a beautiful, uniform look

The Roman roller blinds regulate the direct incidence of sunlight into the bedroom. In addition, the colored fabric creates accents in the interior.

Roman roller blinds flowers pattern sky blue

The Roman roller blinds are a sustainable window screen

The Roman blinds have a cord that makes them easier to use. This ensures a nice play of light and shadow, a lot of warmth and comfort in the room.

Duo roller blinds double roller blinds window curtain glass wall

The different ceiling heights are not an obstacle to the installation of double roller blinds

The subtle beige or brown color fits seamlessly into the room furnishings. The double roller blinds are usually a combination of transparent fabric for privacy and sun protection and blackout curtains for your privacy at night. In any case the double roller blinds are characterized by their uniqueness, stability and durability.

Bedroom sun protection roller blinds decorated in white

The subtle patterns are great for the bedroom

In addition to theen FunctionalityÄThe pleated blinds have decorative properties. Thanks to a good selection of colors and patterns, Roman blinds have not only served as sun protection for a long time.

Window decoration shabby chic vintage flower pattern

The Roman roller blinds are assembled by simply mounting them on the wall.

Privacy roller blinds minimalist white

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