Ron Conway Net Worth

Ron Conway Net Worth

In his career, Ron Conway has been successful in his investment efforts. He has worked as a venture capitalist and has invested in a number of startups. This enables him to make a substantial amount of money. The total amount of his net worth is estimated to be over $1.5 billion.

Aside from his investments, he has also made many contributions to philanthropy. For instance, he has contributed to the Tiger Woods Foundation. In addition, he has helped organizations that are involved with homeless and democratic policy. One of his biggest contributions was his support for the Sandy Hook Promise. This foundation is dedicated to helping families whose children have been victims of the elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Moreover, he has donated $1 million to the Firearms Challenge of the Smart Tech Challenges Foundation, a nonprofit organization that is promoting firearm safety through technology.

Ron Conway has been a successful investor since the mid-1990s. His SV Angel fund has invested in a wide variety of companies, including Google, PayPal, Foursquare, and Reddit. Currently, his fund has invested in 300 different startups.

Ronald Crawford Conway was born in San Francisco, California on March 9, 1951. He received his bachelor’s degree in political science from San Jose State University. After graduating, he joined National Semiconductor Corporation, working in marketing and management roles. From 1973 to 1979, he was an executive at the company. As a result, he became known as a well-connected networker in the Bay Area.

Since then, he has worked in several other businesses and has gotten his name known in the business world. He has also gained a lot of fame as an angel investor. Despite his success, he has maintained a low profile when it comes to his personal life. However, in December 2020, Conway announced a new campaign, “The Giving Pledge.” It requires a celebrity to donate half of his or her fortune before death.

Ron Conway has a net worth of approximately 1.5 billion dollars. According to Forbes Magazine, he is the 13th most important dealmaker in the Midas list. Therefore, he is one of the richest people in the United States. Besides his investments, he has owned real estate assets in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and San Francisco. Moreover, he has owned a Bentley Continental GT, a Cadillac Escalade, and a Rolls Royce Phantom.

He was awarded the Best Angel in 2009 by TechCrunch Crunchies Awards. During the 1990s, Conway forged a name for himself by investing in tech startups during the early stages of development. Eventually, he took on more executive roles and began running his own venture capital fund.

Today, he is the co-founder of SV Angel, which invests on a small scale and on a larger scale. Along with his partner Gayle Conway, he has a son, Ronny Conway. Although he will no longer be investing personally, he and his son will continue to engage in investing and will also focus on seed investments.

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