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Room fragrances – turn your home into a personal wellness temple

When entering a room, we often focus on the furnishings before paying attention to the smells. The sense of smell is referred to as the immediate human sense. It can be influenced by many things and even have a positive impact on health.

We can use different things to give a living room an interesting scent and significantly increase the feel-good factor. From natural plant aromas and essential oils to fragrance atomizers, there is now a large selection of products.

An orchid can not only be the eye-catcher in your living room, it fills the whole room with its gentle scent.

Raumdüfte ätherische Öle helles sonniges Wohnzimmer weiße Orchidee Blickfang sanfter Duft

The houseplant as a fragrance dispenser

The most environmentally friendly odor messenger is therefore the houseplant. Here you have a large selection of different fragrances. If you look at the orchid alone, there are many different scents: from fruity-lemony to coconut and chocolate. Another good plant for the room is jasmine, which gives off a very strong exotic scent, grows quickly and is easy to use. According to research by LadenZeile.de, the scent of jasmine is also one of the most popular scent notes of the last 10 years. The gardenia, also called jasmine rose, can be equated with normal jasmine, it exudes a similarly intensely fragrant aroma and creates a true fragrance experience. Hyacinths are particularly noticeable and as a single plant they can exude an entire room with a subtle to sweetly beguiling scent. There is also the lily, which is not called the queen of flowers for nothing. It has a unique, beguiling scent and a strikingly beautiful flower.

The scent of jasmine flowers is one of the most popular room fragrances of the last 10 years.

Raumdüfte ätherische Öle weiße Jasminblüten beliebteste Raumdüfte der letzten 10 Jahre

Scented sachets – also called scented sachets

However, if you don’t have a green thumb, you can also fall back on the good, tried and tested cotton scented bags, which are usually filled with dried lavender flowers and also declare war on the moths in the closet. If you are not a fan of lavender, there are of course alternatives: so-called scented sachets or sachets made of paper, which can be used in a variety of ways in the laundry or shoe closet, bedroom or guest bathroom. They are filled with purified and freeze-dried clay, which is scented with French perfume oils. However, the duration of the fragrance is only guaranteed for 3-4 months.

An aroma oil diffuser is an absolute must in every modern apartment these days.

Raumdüfte ätherische Öle Aromaöl Diffuser absolutes Muss in jeder modernen Wohnung

Scented oil lamp vs. aroma oil diffuser

There is also the scented oil lamp to give off essential oil or scented oil. Because essential oils are versatile. Be it for care, pain relief or just to spread a good fragrance. They are available in the tried and tested forms made of ceramic or stone with an evaporation tray that uses a candle to make the oil evaporate. Mostly they are used around autumn and Christmas time with wintry aromas. A somewhat newer, season-independent alternative are the so-called aroma oil diffusers, which are used all year round thanks to their cold or ultrasonic nebuliser. Accordingly, the energy consumption is very low and there is no risk of scalding or fire. Before you buy, however, you should think about the size of the room. Because most diffusers are actually more suitable for enriching scents than for humidifying the air. If you are aiming for air humidification, you should opt for a diffuser with a large water tank that combines both.

Have you tried making an aromatic oil diffuser yourself?

Raumdüfte ätherische Öle Lavendelblüten Aromaöl Diffuser selber machen

Make room fragrances yourself

A completely different alternative here is the production of a rod diffuser. Only three ingredients are required for this: approx. 150 drops of essential oil, 80 ml of alcohol and solvent for evaporation of the scent, and 10 ml of glycerine, which binds the components together. Accordingly, you fill the bottle with essential oil, add alcohol and glycerine, close the bottle with the lid or your thumb and shake it well. In the end, the intensity of the room scent also depends on the evaporation surface, which can be influenced by the number and length of the rods. If the scent is too intense, you can simply shorten one or two sticks.

Pleasant room fragrances transform your home into a wellness temple.

Raumdüfte ätherische Öle Lavendelduft frisch angenehm Zuhause Wellness Tempel

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