Rosemary Henry

Rosemary Henry – A Bridge-Builder for Social Impact

Rosemary Henry is renowned as an educator of leadership development and philanthropy, having founded Rosemary’s Babies Company, an impact organization dedicated to eliminating generational pregnancy and poverty.

Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. She divides her time between Solana Beach, California and Paris, France where she swims a half-hour every morning before classes in Spanish, French and literature – as well as attending speaker events and social gatherings.

Early Life and Education

Rosemary Henry is an internationally-recognized leadership educator, author and philanthropist who began her adult life as a teen parent. Through perseverance, strong faith in God, social support and self-motivation she successfully broke the cycle of generational poverty for herself and her family.

She and her husband opened Uncle Ben’s Barbecue Restaurant together in 1946, but by the early 1980s the catering business had outgrown its space at the restaurant and she opened Catering by Rosemary as an independent entity.

Personal papers include paper files, electronic records and audiovisual recordings; the collection also features a documentary about her life and success of The RK Group that aired on local San Antonio PBS television station KLRN. Furthermore, this series documents her involvement in cultural, arts, human service organizations religious groups as well as educational facilities – including San Antonio’s sister city Kumamoto Japan.

Professional Career

Rosemary is an outspoken advocate for underprivileged people and communities, and actively takes part in various civic organizations. Her dedication has been recognized, with recognition coming both locally and in national media outlets.

Rosemary specializes in employment-related disputes. Her legal practice encompasses litigation relating to discrimination, retaliation, whistleblower claims and wage and hour laws as well as arbitration proceedings within the financial industry.

Rosemary lectures on employment topics to attorneys and business owners. Her community work has earned her numerous awards and accolades. Rosemary is also a published author; her novel The Girl from Penvarris (based on Cornish mythology) has been made into several television shows, while other pieces she has written include nonfiction and poetry.

Achievement and Honors

Rosemary found strength in both her faith and social support to remain committed to her education, breaking a cycle of generational pregnancy and poverty. As a result, she has written several books and received recognition nationally for her efforts.

As well as her business success, she has also been actively engaged in many community service initiatives. The Awards and Honors series from 1968-2016 documents these efforts via correspondence, invitations, photographs, certificates, newspaper clippings and electronic records.

The Rosemary Grant Advanced Award aims to provide financial assistance for SSE PhD students who are in the later stages of dissertation research, but require funds in order to extend or broaden it. For more information about this opportunity and how to apply, click here; the application deadline for this grant is June 1st.

Personal Life

Rosemary is an author, philanthropist and social impact bridge-builder. She is internationally recognized leadership educator, speaker and entrepreneur – founding an organization which teaches teenage parents how to develop self-leadership while leaving an enduring legacy through their children.

Her life combines art, literature, and family – she attends Spanish and French classes weekly; attends orchestra performances; speaks at local events as well as her children’s schools; and takes weekly Spanish and French lessons.

Her charitable activities have been extensive; she has provided generous financial support for San Antonio cultural, human service and religious organizations. The collection contains papers, electronic records and audiovisual materials. Of particular note is her involvement with San Antonio’s sister city Kumamoto while Rosemary’s birthday celebrations often coincided with fundraising initiatives for various causes.

Net worth

Rosemary Henry remains quiet about her personal and love life, yet has earned a substantial income through her professional endeavors as Theatre Director. At 63 years old she remains committed to maintaining this career choice as she remains content in keeping it private.

Nicole Scherzinger was her daughter from her first marriage with Alfonso Valiente and from Gary Scherzinger she received Keala Leemon as their second child.

As well as her charitable endeavors, she has also invested in real estate and stocks for years. Starting in 2013, she made numerous trades of Tompkins Corp stock totalling $214,447 through November 3rd 2014 alone; additionally, she owns property in Hawaii with an estimated net worth estimated to be approximately $693 Thousand as of 2020.

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