Roshad Thomas

Roshad Thomas is a World-Reknowned Public Speaker, Counselor, Consultant and Mentor for Teens and Parents

Tallahassee, Florida — A former Tallahassee youth pastor has been arrested for sexual offenses with children. Leon County Special Victims Unit detectives report that 41-year-old Roshad Thomas came voluntarily in for questioning Monday; he now stands charged with six counts of child fondling.

One victim reported to LCSO officers that Thomas would often pick them up and bring them to his apartment to hang out with other boys; these boys described Thomas as their mentor, and even “worshiped” him.

Early Life and Education

Roshad Thomas is an esteemed public speaker, counselor and consultant specializing in helping both teens and parents across the United States. Additionally, he founded and is CEO of Live the Life: an internationally-recognized character education program which equips teenagers to handle various life issues effectively.

According to the affidavit, five of Thomas’ victims reported being invited back to his apartment where he fondled them both above and beneath their clothing. One victim even admitted they looked up to and worshiped Thomas as much as possible which prevented them from reporting what happened.

Albertson stated that while Thomas worked for Live the Life around the time of these incidents, he did not directly interact with children participating in its program. Furthermore, no law enforcement inquiries have been initiated against Live the Life; therefore they believe no allegations involving children who participate are applicable.

Professional Career

Rashad Thomas is an internationally acclaimed public speaker, counselor, consultant, and mentor for adolescents and parents of all cultures and races. He has spoken at numerous organizations, conferences, retreats, churches and events around the globe.

He is a member of Miami Foundation Fellows Cohort X, as well as being awarded with Miami-Dade Black Affairs Advisory Board’s 2021 Community Pillar Award. Additionally, he currently works as Assistant to Deputy Mayor in Miami-Dade County.

Thomas was charged with sexually exploiting children over an 11-year period. Allegations include his sleeping with male youth group members aged 11-16 in cabins, apartments and hotels; victims ranged in age from 11-16. Thomas worked at Maclay School; in July 2017, six counts were filed against him for this conduct and four more as more victims came forward. He was eventually arrested on all ten charges simultaneously in October 2017.

Achievement and Honors

Roshad Thomas is an esteemed speaker, counselor, consultant and mentor for teens and parents alike. For almost a decade now he has been actively involved in education, speaking at organizations, seminars, retreats and churches around the globe with his laid-back humorous style making an impressionable impression and spreading their message effectively.

Leon County Sheriff’s Office Special Victims Unit arrested 41-year-old Roshad Thomas of Tallahassee for molesting children. Deputies spoke with one victim who reported fondling from 10 years ago when they were 13; deputies then discovered four additional instances between 2007-2014 in which sexual encounters with Thomas occurred.

Personal Life

Thomas has not only found success as an actress but has also demonstrated her dedication to charitable activities. She established a non-profit organization dedicated to improving student lives within their local community, is an author, speaker and entrepreneur as well as being honored with numerous awards such as Legacy Magazine’s 2021 Black Men of Excellence award.

At age 38, she became the first black actress ever to win a Tony for her role in A Raisin in the Sun on Broadway, sharing it with Viola Davis. Since then she has earned multiple nominations.

Roshad Thomas is a former youth pastor of Calvary Chapel in Tallahassee and founder of Crosswild Ministries. Additionally, he holds an International Parent Coaching Certification under renowned parenting expert John Rosemond.

Net Worth

An individual’s net worth can be determined by adding up all their assets and subtracting their debt, such as mortgages, car loans, credit card debt and student loans. Also consider that value of investments such as Tesla and SpaceX investments has grown over time.

He is best known for his roles on shows like South Central, Waterfront, Love Monkey and Rescue Me; one of his highest-paying roles on Power. Currently estimated worth is an estimated $4.5 Million.

Roshad Thomas, an American actor and former football player, first gained recognition through his portrayal of Courtney Wright on ABC soap opera One Life to Live between 1983 and 1992, and as Attorney Cliff Huxtable’s wife Clair in NBC sitcom The Cosby Show from 1984 until 1992.

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