Rowland Thomas

Rowland Thomas

Rowland Thomas dedicated 34 years of service to PCOM, earning recognition as an effective leader, educator and friend among students, alumni, faculty and employees. From 1957 until 1972 he served on its Board of Directors.

Major Rowland hails from Uniontown, Pa and was an esteemed citizen and active soldier in his community.

Early Life and Education

Rowland Thomas was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. After attending public high school he enrolled at college to study English and Spanish with an eye toward honing his drawing abilities while developing an interest in history and medieval literature.

Establishing his own business, and later serving in the state militia. Furthermore, he was an active member of his church as well as making donations to Brynn Chapel and other local institutions.

Rowland Thomas was an invaluable ally to PCOM, committing 34 years as both leader and educator at the institution. A great friend to students, alumni and faculty alike. Additionally he taught at SLU as well as hosting popular podcasts about hunting and fishing as well as several TV series about them.

Professional Career

Rowland’s work spans disciplines such as urban studies, sociology, geography and criminology. His pioneering research on spatial forms of inequality such as gentrification and displacement; gated communities’ wider social impacts; and hoarding by super-rich individuals has made a lasting contribution.

He has provided invaluable support to student and alumni activities and athletics within his community, serving on multiple boards and committees.

His most generous gift was real estate donated to the University of Arkansas that will house an exhibition gallery, to be known as Thomas Rowland Exhibition Gallery. Thomas is also a member of both Chancellor’s Society and Towers of Old Main giving societies for generous donors; additionally, he belongs to American Osteopathic Association.

Achievement and Honors

Rowland Thomas has achieved much as an artist, teacher and public servant. His music has won him an extensive following and won hearts all across the country; using music both as therapy and to convey his message.

He served as trustee of Brown University after succeeding his father who had served since 1869; was a member of Linnaean Society of New York; president of Washington County Agricultural Society and director of Butler Hospital; moderator for Danvis (a hill town he created); owner of Peace Dale Manufacturing Company and founded What Cheer Insurance Company.

He is survived by his wife Sharon of Saegertown; two daughters Tina M. Bowersox of Meadville and Teresa L. Webber; four grandchildren (Matthew Bowersox, Kelsey Bowersox, Noah Bowersox and Zachary Webber); as well as two nieces and nephews. Services will be held privately.

Personal Life

Rowland was an exceptional person who was dedicated to giving back. A generous donor himself, he generously contributed his time and money to charities. Additionally, he played golf at Penrhys Golf Club’s Senior Section; even with diabetes-induced leg amputated; Rowland always remained positive and cheery while enjoying spending time with family and being an outstanding member of his community.

He specializes in nineteenth-century United States history, particularly the Civil War and Gilded Age periods of American history. He has published books and articles in scholarly journals such as Civil War History, Catholic Historical Review and Eire-Ireland as well as an illustrated monograph about George B. McClellan. Additionally, he has performed original songs at college campuses and bars – this will mark his inaugural ticketed performance!

Net Worth

Net worth is calculated by subtracting the total value of assets from total liabilities, taking into account investments, savings accounts, real estate purchases and mortgage/credit card balances among others.

Rowland Thomas’ net worth has been estimated at an estimated $12 Million, having amassed his fortune through various endeavors such as music, acting and endorsement deals.

He holds several high-profile sponsorship deals with companies like Whoop, Footjoy and Beats Electronics; in addition to that he owns his own luxury home in Jupiter Florida and maintains an active social media presence to connect with fans while sharing his musical journey.

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