Rules for the upscale appearance of an attic apartment

The attic apartment can be tricky in terms of design, but at the same time it offers very good options and freedom in designing it. You can make this look very upscale and cozy.
It is best to use Scandinavian design as a basis, because this is already a guarantee of success. But we’ll also discuss some other, more general-purpose elements that you can use if you want to create an upscale concept in a different style.

Exposed bars


Exposed beams can go a long way in adding to the sublime design of an attic apartment

The exposed beams go well with the Scandinavian style because they are made of wood. But they originally come from the industrial trend and can also be seen in many rustic designs. That is why exposed beams offer a lot in terms of combination options if you use them as an accent in the room. Off-white and natural materials

light wall colors apartment design

Light wall colors so that other design elements come to the fore


Sufficient natural light and bright colors can work wonders on the roof

Combine light wall colors with natural materials. You can take white and add another subtle shade to these nuances – such as gray or blue. Together with the natural light, this will spread a special glow in the interior.
For a balance and so that it looks very cozy despite the light color, you should combine it with wood and other natural shades.

Plants of a conspicuous size


Tall green plants are a must in the attic

Loft-furnishing-living room-apartment design

Tall cacti are always a visual highlight

An attic apartment usually has very high ceilings and this fact must be taken into account when designing the room. The exposed beams mentioned earlier are one strategy that works well, and the larger plants are another. Bonsai trees can be used as living decorations, to freshen the air, to enhance the natural appearance. The more exotic the choice, the more sophisticated the appearance of the interior.


Bring a green note to the attic apartment with green houseplants or matching wallpaper

Make yourself more comfortable with wall murals

The design in white and wood looks upscale, bright and therefore relaxing. But that may not be comfortable enough for the sleeping corner. Warm up your senses there by applying wallpaper in beautiful patterns.

Gray and blue

gray-and-blue apartment decor

Pair gray and blue and achieve a Scandinavian look

Gray and blue on warm textiles create a particularly cozy atmosphere within the neutral Scandinavian style. Choose these nuances for as many textiles as possible, because this will make yourself cozy and comfortable without making the style look less upscale.

Nice wall photos

black and white wall photos apartment design

Black and white wall photos spice up the interior

The art is still a well-working strategy to fill the high and wide space of the attic. If you want to be sure that the style will continue to appear sophisticated, you should choose beautiful works of black and white photography.

to shine

modern penthouse apartment design

Unusual lamp as an undisputed eye-catcher

The lights are a real opportunity to raise the level within a minimalist attic. Choose upscale and original pieces.

The shelves

Designing the attic with open shelves is another chance for elevating style in a room. Go a bit unconventional with this and mix different types of items together. It is important that all of these show a high level in order to achieve a noble effect.
The easiest strategy that works for the upscale appearance of an attic is to fill the space with large, height-reducing objects. At the same time, everything should include a lot of affection for artistic activities. The places for relaxation and creativity deserve special attention – they can be furnished particularly comfortably with wall paper or other types of wall design.

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