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Sagittarius 2017 horoscope and the influence of the Fire Rooster

From January 28, 2017, Sagittarius could omit all of his arrows, he no longer needs them in the year of the Rooster! Now everything is going as expected! In February, those born in Sagittarius can plan business negotiations. During this period of time you have the ability to convince every business partner of the correctness of your point of view, therefore he will sign all documents and contracts that you present him. Your speaking skills and your personal charm will also help you in your private life. They always ensure a relaxed atmosphere, full of fun, wit and humor. Let yourself be surprised, because love follows you at every turn, it mainly depends on you what happens there. Sagittarius is usually in the right place and at the right time and can reap great success. In May, the shooters will feel trapped in the big city, they need more fresh air, the vastness tempts them and the most important thing is personal freedom. Our advice to all those born in Sagittarius is: don’t wait to get bored, get away in time, somewhere in the mountains where you can enjoy the great outdoors. In summer you have to roll up your sleeves again and get to work, because your old plans have to be realized during this time. You just need a great team around you and it runs like clockwork! Your dear partner takes over the finances and business is going very well!

Annual horoscope Sagittarius 2017 business travel negotiations - successful

Heaven oracles, many business trips and negotiations are inevitable for those born in Sagittarius.

Dear Sagittarius, you don’t think you should only go on vacation once a year, do you? In August and September you can treat yourself to more free time, enjoy the cosiness of the rustic country house and spend pleasant hours next to the grill or fireplace with friends and family. Even in autumn, the Sagittarius will indulge in luxury, the fire rooster is by your side! You might buy a new, larger apartment where you can receive a large number of guests. Your boss will retire in November, so you have the best chance of taking over his position. December will be quiet, the Christmas spirit and anticipation dominate all around you!

Sagittarius year of the fire rooster well-intentioned cozy Christmas enjoy all festivals and holidays

The Feuerhahn definitely means well with you! You not only enjoy Christmas, but all other festivals and holidays

In the job it says: In the year of the Rooster of Fire, Sagittarius and money go hand in hand! They are an inseparable couple, and good finances haunt you everywhere, even to the end of the world! Regardless of whether you are in the hot desert or between the icebergs in the North Sea, you could meet a clever businessman anywhere and make you a promising work proposal. Now is the time to enumerate your real friends again. You don’t need many, just a few, but you need loyal ones! But you need these if you want to realize old dreams by the end of the year.

In the 2017 job Scorpios, a lot of professional success - a new job

It’s going like clockwork at work!

Your love horoscope provides for increased sensitivity for those born in Sagittarius in 2017. New impulses and strong emotions prevail this year! You know how to value your partner in life, but at the same time you have irresistible powers of seduction. Eros also comes into play and helps you fall in love with a certain person once but forever. However, you will retain your romance and sensitivity.

the great love 2017 maybe on a long journey - to find

Perhaps on a long journey the scorpions meet their great love in life.

The health horoscope the Sagittarius-born looks good too. When cycling or on long walks in the forest, you will easily relieve the stress of everyday life and you will feel lively again. Diets or other purification cures are not your strengths, because you don’t need them at all. You are in good health and have the perfect figure. The Fire Rooster has soothing herbal tea recipes ready for Sagittarius, and we can recommend meditation and yoga exercises. The fresh air is good for you, as is swimming. Do a lot with your close friends and family members!

We wish you a year in which everything goes according to your wishes and plans!

 Health horoscope 2017 Scorpio vacation forest walks in the mountains

The Scorpio-born do not think that the vacation should be once a year! You love hiking in the mountains.

Long time in the country in the midst of nature 2017 Holidays in the country

Spend a long time in the middle of nature or take a vacation in the countryside.

Scorpios healthy food horoscope 2017

Scorpios like healthy eating

Health horoscope 2017 Scorpio herbal tea - detox

Herbal tea helps with every detox regimen

health horoscope scorpios yoga exercises are good for body and soul

Yoga exercises are good for the body and soul.

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