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Sahara Offroad, Tunisia tour in February 2012, Buggy: Shoveling out of the dune sandFor 2012, Daniela Bucher is planning two more two-week tours to Tunisia, from April 14th to 28th and from October 6th to 20th. Three dates for next year 2013 have already been fixed: The first tour in 2013 will take place from February 9th to 6th, the second from April 13th to 27th and the third from October 5th to 19th.

Sahara Offroad, Tunisia tour in February 2012: at Lac Houidhat

Quads, buggies, bikes & off-road vehicles

The Swiss woman has already made a name for herself as an organizer of Sahara tours. You can drive either on a bike, on an ATV / quad, in a buggy or in an all-terrain vehicle, whereby pilots with their own vehicles are just as welcome as participants who would like to rent the mobile vehicle.

Sahara Offroad, Tunisia tour in February 2012: bikers meet nomad children

The route

From Djerba we first go via Matmata to Douz, the gateway to the Sahara. The route then continues via El Midda, El Roudha, Gour Eklaab, Dakanis Lokbaar and Dakanis Essgaar to the Lac Houidhat Oasis. From there, a round trip takes you back to the oasis via Sweda and Bir Aouin before heading to Tembaine and back to Douz.
The tours are accompanied by local, licensed Sahara guides.

Sahara Offroad, Tunisia tour in February 2012: Daniela Bucher


The tours do not require above-average driving experience, instruction in quad and desert driving techniques will take place at the beginning of the event anyway. Children from the age of 7 can ride in the off-road vehicle, the use of the quads is possible from the age of 16.

Sahara Offroad, Tunisia tour in February 2012: Logo Sahara OffroadContact: Sahara Offroad

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