Saleem Thomas

Saleem Thomas

Saleem Thomas has over 48 years of experience as a general surgeon in Chennai and uses advanced diagnostic techniques to accurately diagnose his patients’ health concerns and design personalized treatments plans that suit each one. He places great importance on patient satisfaction and strives hard to help his clients attain optimal health outcomes.

Early Life and Education

Saleem Thomas is an ethnomusicologist and multi-instrumentalist (saxophone, oud, nay & clarinet). As professor of musicology / jazz studies / Sephardic Jewish studies/interdisciplinary studies at City University of New York. His research explores how music acts as a form of cultural expression to establish communal identities & societal relations.

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Professional Career

Saleem dedicated his professional life to conducting rigorous empirical and theoretical work that could inform policymaking decisions. He served as chief of an extramural research program originally called the Center for Studies of Crime and Delinquency, later the Branch on Antisocial and Violent Behavior; spearheaded the creation of an NIMH monograph series on law and mental health issues; mentored a new generation of scholars whose empirical and theoretical work transformed law and mental health – scholars like Thomas Grisso, John Monahan, Bruce Sales Loren Roth Henry Steadman (see this panel from AP-LS News Summer 2012).)

Few have done more to champion Cabrini’s mission and people-first philosophy than Saleem.

Achievement and Honors

Saleem Thomas was an iconic figure both inside and outside NIMH. He established law and mental health studies as a formal program priority at NIMH, leading a new generation of scholars whose empirical and theoretical work supported by NIMH revolutionized law and mental health studies. Furthermore, Saleem started an NIMH monograph series to make research results accessible to policymakers and others.

He became the inaugural recipient of both the American Psychology-Law Society award for Distinguished Contributions to Law and Psychology as well as the Isaac Ray Award from the American Psychiatric Association, both honors given for outstanding contributions in law and mental health fields. Furthermore, he earned six U.S. government awards.

Personal Life

Dr Saleem Thomas has over 43 years of experience, amassing vast knowledge and skill in diagnosing health problems. Using advanced diagnostic techniques and personalized treatments, he helps his patients attain the best possible results.

His work in law and mental health studies has been cited more than 1,000 times, cementing him as an international expert on these subjects. His studies on antisocial behavior, delinquency, and violence have been used extensively by courts and correctional facilities worldwide.

He helped establish a research program at NIMH that sought to address the complex relationship between criminal and civil law and psychiatric care, advocating tirelessly for individuals whose mental state had been challenged in court proceedings.

Net Worth

Saleem Thomas has become widely recognized as an extremely wealthy individual. His investments span real estate, printing franchises and numerous other ventures. Currently he oversees Isiah Thomas Real Estate which invests in distressed assets in order to revitalize communities – his net worth currently surpassing $32 Million.

He holds endorsement deals with companies such as Beats Electronics, Scotty Cameron, LivPur Nutrition and Whoop. He currently resides in Statesboro, Georgia with his wife and two children.

Personal information regarding his life remains private as he prefers to keep it that way. It appears he may be single and may have not been dating anyone recently. At 55 years old and born 7 March 1968 he has an ideal height and weight combination.

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