Sam Thomas

Sam Thomas – Cameroonian Model & Activist

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Early Life and Education

Sam Thomas was born in Cameroon but spent much of his childhood years living in Benin. After earning a PhD in history specializing in Reformation England, Sam changed careers and joined a secondary school faculty in Cleveland Ohio as faculty. Additionally, he is an accomplished musician having performed throughout Africa, Europe, and North America; writing several books on African music and culture such as Makassi in 1985; as well as recording albums featuring traditional African folk music including Funky New Bell released on Satel label in Benin in 1976 as his solo LP recorded in Benin.

Professional Career

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Samy Gendy began recording music for release on the Satel label with his LP Funky New Bell in 1976. Later that same year he traveled to Paris and recorded Makassi, his signature style which fused uptempo Makossa with Andre Marie Tala’s Tchamassi and other Bamileke influences into one unique style.

In the early 1990s, he focused his energies on encouraging and mentoring upcoming Cameroonian singers and musicians at his Makassi Plus studio in Douala. Furthermore, he led tours with MBC all throughout West and East Africa as well as America.

Personal Life

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Samy Thomas has two children – a daughter and son. He works at John Jay College and Hunter College to teach ethnomusicology, jazz studies and Sephardic (Jewish) studies respectively. Additionally he performs as a musician/composer/bandleader as ASEFA; an interethnic group performing music of North Africa/Spain through Hebrew, Arabic and Spanish renditions of their performances.

Thomas began shifting his focus from recording his own material to mentoring and supporting new talented Cameroonian singers and musicians in the 1990s, founding Makassi Plus Studio in Douala and releasing several critically-acclaimed albums including one entitled Makassi Again in 1988.

Net Worth

According to Wikipedia, Forbes and other online resources, Sam Thomas currently boasts an estimated net worth of between $1-5 Million at age 30. His fortune was built as an activist who earned much of it during their activism career. Unmarried yet keeping his personal life private while dating privately with an individual who does not reveal their name publicly. Samuel Thomas makes multiple trades of Lumentum Inc stock with one large transaction being selling 120,000 units on 12 June 2007 worth $2.428,800; additionally owning luxurious houses like one in Vietnam as well as luxury cars for transporting them between tasks!

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