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Scandinavian Christmas decorations – simple design ideas full of natural beauty

Anticipation is the greatest joy! This year we are all impatiently awaiting the traditional festival of love, warmth and reflection. The time will come soon, so there is a smell of gingerbread and cinnamon everywhere, it shines and shines magically in every home. Only if you are a real purist or a passionate supporter of the Nordic style, then you might not mind all the Christmas hustle and bustle and the magical splendor of the festival. Because in Scandinavia they also set other priorities for Christmas decorations. There you decorate your own four walls in a simple way, there are clear lines and geometric shapes. In Scandi Chic you will find a lot of white and gray, paired with traditional northern elements and natural room decorations. It is precisely this combination that makes the Scandinavian Christmas decorations unique and trendy. It is rustic and minimalist at the same time and looks very cozy. In the following we would like to show you how you can decorate your home for Christmas according to the Scandinavian pattern.

Scandinavian Christmas decorations – the simpler the more beautiful!

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko je einfacher desto schöner kleiner Christbaum wenig geschmückt in der Ecke hinter weißem Sofa

Cones and other natural materials have great priority here.

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko Fensterdekoration weiße Kerzen Zapfen Naturmaterialien

Why are the Scandinavian Christmas decorations so popular?

The beauty lies in the simplicity – this is how you could formulate the motto of Nordic room decoration as a whole and Scandinavian Christmas decorations in detail. Everything revolves around minimalism there. There are no lavish or motley Christmas decorations. The Scandinavian Christmas decoration is reduced to just a few items that impress with their simple shapes and bright colors. Regardless of whether it is about the table or window decoration in Scandinavian style, it is minimalist and present in small quantities. You strive to enjoy peace and serenity in everyday life instead of surrounding yourself with lots of colors and sparkles at Christmas. This is the Nordic way of finding inner balance by creating a wide, puristic space around you. Because it should be hyggelig! This is the typical Scandinavian room atmosphere, where everyone feels comfortable and, above all, celebrates God Jul in harmony with themselves and nature!

This is what the traditional Scandinavian table decoration looks like for Christmas!

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko Tischdeko festlich gedeckter Tisch weiße und schwarze Kerzen Tannengrün edles Besteck

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko Tischdeko festlich gedeckter Tisch Schmuck auf Servietten Tannengrün Gläser

Muted colors are typical of Scandinavian Christmas decorations

The puristic style of the Scandinavians does not allow bright colors in the room decoration. There, white and all shades of gray predominate. These can be perfectly combined with neutrals. Here and there you can see accents in black, which only reinforce the Nordic elegance in the interior. These rules also apply to Scandinavian Christmas decorations. White candles and gray stones are combined with a few evergreen fir branches and the Christmas decorations are ready! People like to use different gifts of nature and put them in the limelight, but again in a minimalist way. In the Christmas decoration in the Scandinavian style we see many white colored pine cones, bare branches that are decorated with self-made pendants. The twigs are placed in large glass vessels and look good anywhere, for example on the windowsill, on a chest of drawers or on the dining table. The minimalist principle applies here again – less is more!

Natural stones and white candles are arranged in a wooden box.

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko Holzkasten weiße Kerzen Natursteine arrangiert

Pine cones and candles form the Scandinavian Christmas decorations.

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko Tannenzapfen weiß gefärbt Kerzen kahle Zweige im Glasgefäß Sterne

Nicely decorated branches and Christmas presents underneath!

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko schön dekorierte kahle Zweige Weihnachtsgeschenke darunter

White candles and home-made decorations create a nice and cozy room atmosphere.

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko weiße Kerzen selbstgebastelte Deko schöne gemütliche Raumatmosphäre

The Nordic nature is an essential part of the Scandinavian Christmas decorations

Scandinavians know exactly what a cold, severe winter is. Nature in the north is covered in snow most of the time during the winter months. That is why white is the favorite color of our neighbors in the north. The Scandinavians try to bring the perfection of nature into their homes. That is why they also use a lot of natural materials in the Christmas decorations.

First and foremost, there is a lot of natural wood everywhere in the house. Figures, stars, hearts and pyramids are made from this. These are simply a must for Christmas decorations. There are also many Christmas wreaths made from natural materials. They are tied either from fir or pussy willow branches. You don’t always decorate the front door with it, but rather the living room wall or the window. If you want some color, you can use red ribbons or berries as a wreath decoration.

A beautiful Christmas wreath can also be made from pussy willow branches.

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko Weihnachtskranz aus Weidenkätzchen binden schön dekorieren

The window decorations do not have to be neglected! A little more color is allowed!

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko Fensterdeko schöne selbstgebundene Kränze aus Tannenzweigen rote Schleifen

The spicy Christmas bread Vörtbröd or the non-alcoholic Christmas drink Julmust, made according to a secret recipe, is enjoyed in this purist Scandinavian room atmosphere. One likes to drink a Glögg on ice-cold winter evenings! Christmas in the north can be so beautiful and hyggelig. Thanks to the Scandinavian Christmas decorations and the art of the Scandinavians to live calmly and serenely.

If you are also interested in the Scandinavian Christmas decorations, then scroll down and take a look at all the picture examples presented here! The design ideas are worth seeing and even child’s play to imitate. We wish you a merry and hyggelige Christmas!

A small Christmas tree with few Christmas decorations stands in the corner of the living room.

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko kleiner Christbaum wenig Weihnachtsschmuck in der Ecke des Wohnzimmers ideen

…. Or decorate the worktop in the kitchen.

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko kleiner Christbaum auf der Arbeitsplatte in der Küche

The fir tree is not noticeable at all, it just adds a natural touch to the ambience.

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko kleiner Tannenbaum bringt natürliche Note ins Ambiente

A few fir branches in a bucket are adorned with red decorative ornaments.

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko kahle Zweige im Eimer mit selbstgebasteltem Schmuck Sterne rote Herzen

The Scandinavian Christmas decorations are often rustic.

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko Tannenbaum Geschenke wenig Schmuck rustikale Atmosphäre

People like to make a Christmas tree out of natural wood.

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko Weihnachtsbaum aus Naturholz mit kleinen Lichtern geschmückt

Advent calendar from Scandinavian!

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko Adventskalender aus skandinavisch aus Holz zusammengestellt kleine Sachen darin

Subtle lights as decoration are typical of the Scandinavian Christmas decorations….

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko kahle Zweige mit Lichtern und Sternen in Silberglanz geschmückt

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko Metallkasten kahle Zweige dezente Lichter

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko Weihnachtskugeln rote Schleifen Fensterdeko

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko kahle Zweige wenig geschmückt dezentes Licht Geschenke darunter

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko Kronleuchter geschmückt gehäkeltes weißes Band weiße Kerzen Tannenzapfen

… and candles of course!

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko weiße Kerze im Glasgefäß Tischdeko

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko weiße Kerze im Glas mit Birkenrinde umwickelt

The natural charm of the Scandinavian Christmas decorations

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko auf Holztablett Kleine Deko Artikel schwarze Kette

Every Christmas is unimaginable without gifts!

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko Lichter dekorierte Treppen Weihnachtsgeschenke

Merry Christmas!

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko Weihnachtsschmuck auf der Kommode lebkuchenhaus Zweig viele Anhänger

God Jul!

skandinavische Weihnachtsdeko in Weiß und Schwarz um den Kamin

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