School photography with a difference – individual school photos capture the best memories of school

We all have great and unforgettable moments in life that leave their mark on our personality. They also shape our character and in most cases point the way to the future. A large part of such moments are the beautiful events at school, in which we took part and which we remember fondly over and over again after years. In order to keep these beautiful memories alive for as long as possible, there are many ways in our highly developed and thoroughly digital world to capture the most important moments in school. One of them is undoubtedly school photography. This means individual and professionally taken school photos of individual students or entire classes that present very special moments from school life. In this article, we want to briefly explain which these are and by whom the best school photos are taken.

The joy on the first day of school is written on this girl’s face.

Die Freude am ersten Schultag steht dieses Mädchens ins Gesicht geschrieben.

  • Beautiful school photos encompass the time from school enrollment to graduation

Yes, it happens in life that we have important stages that cannot be skipped at all. Real school time begins with the first sugar bag that we get from our dear parents. Then it goes from school enrollment through elementary and middle school to the final classes. The graduation from school is also very emotional, because afterwards the classmates go their separate ways. Most school classes come together again after years and at such a school reunion many of the ex-classmates hold beautiful photo albums and photo books in their hands. Old school stories are told and the school photos are viewed again and again, because these are documents of beautiful moments that already belong to a bygone era. They capture many unforgettable school experiences that are remembered with mixed feelings of nostalgia and joy.

School photos are the best memories of school together.

Schulfotos sind die besten Erinnerungen an die gemeinsame Schulzeit

Extra tip: If you want to keep your school memories in front of your eyes every day, you can design a creative photo wall at home with your favorite school photos. It’s a great idea to keep thinking back to this eventful time.

Taking photos is more than just pressing the shutter button.

Fotografieren ist mehr als auf den Auslöser drücken

  • Who is behind the camera is also important!

Do you already have such a photo album or are you preparing a great photo book for your little ones? We know that all parents like to take pictures and always want to take beautiful pictures of their little ones or already grown-up children. If you also belong to the group of passionate photo amateurs, then it would be very appropriate to learn to recognize beautiful moments and great photo motifs and to take them. If autumn with its blaze of colors is your favorite season for photos, then you can read here how you can use nature as a backdrop for your pictures. But if you are looking for professional help with school photography, then we can only advise – only trust specialized photographers with long professional experience and educational empathy. For example, you can expect the best school photos to be taken at Your team is well trained and always approaches its work in a motivated and highly professional manner.

School photography expresses individual character traits well.

Schulfotografie bringt individuelle Charakterzüge gut zum Ausdruck

  • Personal school photos and individual top quality school items

The photographers at have many years of experience in school photography. They have professional photo equipment and would like to come to your school. All you have to do is call or email them and make an appointment for a photo shoot in your class. The professionals take photos both in the classroom and outside in the schoolyard. Everywhere they try to express the special characteristics and the individuality of each student in the pictures. That is why the school photos taken in this way always look very personal. The children also receive individual school items, for example a student ID card with a photo in a plug-in card format. Also in demand are the personalized photo folders, which are exclusively tailored to the age of the children, that is, to the grades of the pupils. Practice confirms this approach, because school children and parents are always satisfied with individual photos. These correspond to the personal wishes of the little ones and also give the parents a lot of joy.

Fun and professionalism always go hand in hand in school photography.

Spaß und Professionalität gehen bei der Schulfotografie immer Hand in Hand

Last but not least, we want to highlight an important aspect of school photography at – it is not only of top quality, but also environmentally friendly. No photo chemistry is used in the production of school photos and other items. In addition, electricity from renewable energy sources is used exclusively. This protects the environment in the interests of the children. Great right?

Everyone is very happy about funny photos.

Alle freuen sich viel über lustige Fotos

School photography presents documents of the most important moments in school life.

Schulfotografie stellt Dokumente der wichtigsten Momente des Schullebens dar

From school enrollment to official graduation!

Von der Einschulung bis zum offiziellen Schulabschluss

Individual portraits or class photos? You decide!


School photography is an art.

Schulfotografie ist eine Kunst

As is well known, art comes from being able to, not from wanting to.

Kunst kommt bekanntlich von können nicht von wollen

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