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Christoph Schweiger – Actor, Filmmaker, and Producer

Climbers across Germany are mourning the passing of 21-year-old Christoph Schweiger from Ingolstadt who was killed when struck by a car last weekend while walking to an ice cream shop with his girlfriend and was later declared deceased at the scene of the accident.

Schweiger was an active member of the DAV National Squad and a regular competitor on the IFSC circuit since 2017’s Youth events, competing both indoors and outdoors, sending Fontainebleau’s Big Island (8C) and Ticino’s Tomb (V15). A powerful athlete with remarkable athletic skills.

Early Life and Education

Schweiger hails from Ingolstadt in Germany. After beginning climbing as a child, he made his World Cup debut in 2018. From 2017-2019 he competed at three Youth World Championships where he excelled primarily at Boulder climbing; winning multiple medals along the way.

He possesses a comprehensive education background with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. Additionally, he has extensive experience delivering projects relating to financial management, international funding, and strategy development.

He is one of Germany’s premier actors and has appeared in many popular German movies such as Rabbit Without Ears (2007). Most recently he co-wrote, directed, and produced Head Full of Honey (2014) which became one of the biggest hits of his career with 51 million admissions worldwide.

Professional Career

Christoph Schweiger, 21, died tragically last weekend in a traffic accident and will be missed greatly in the climbing world. From Ingolstadt in Bavaria he made his IFSC Boulder World Cup debut last year before participating in three Youth World Championship events between 2017 and 2019. The IFSC community mourns this tragic loss as we reflect upon his promising climbing future he held ahead of him – having made DAV national squad debut last year before competing at three Youth World Championship events between 2017-2019.

Outside of competition, Schweiger was an accomplished boulderer, as evidenced by his ascents of Fontainebleau’s Big Island (8C/V15) and Ticino boulder lines Tomb (V14) and The Dagger (8B+/V14). Coach Ingo Filzwieser described him as an athlete “one could wish for–strong yet hardworking,” making for a reliable teammate with whom they lived in an climbing village together – both were close and trusted each other immensely.

Achievement and Honors

Christoph Waltz earned two Oscar nominations for his performances in “Django Unchained” and “Inglourious Basterds”. Additionally, he has also been honored with nominations from Black Film Critics Circle, Central Ohio Film Critics Association, and Bavarian Television Awards.

He is an esteemed German actor with roles in several television series and movies to his credit. Most recently he appeared in the family-oriented dramedy Head Full of Honey; an American remake of 2014 German movie of the same name.

Schweiger is the most successful German director with more than 51 million admissions for his films Rabbit Without Ears and Kokowaah being among his biggest hits.

Outside acting, he is also an accomplished bouldering competitor and has competed in Germany’s national championships. Notable sends include Fontainebleau’s Big Island (8C) and Ticino boulder lines Tomb (8B+) and The Dagger (8B). Furthermore, he is a trained chef.

Personal Life

Additionally to acting, he is also an accomplished film director and producer. His credits include Kokowaah, Schutzengel and Rabbit Without Ears 2.

He is best known for playing Hans ‘the Jew Hunter’ Landa in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds and Dr King Schultz in Django Unchained; additionally he has appeared in several other movies.

On TV, he has appeared as Jo Zeker in Lindenstrasse and Nick Tschiller in 26 episodes of Die Kommissarin; Joe and Max; A Girl Called Rosemary also featured him.

Schweiger was married to Dana Carlsen and father to four children – Valentin Florian, Luna Marie, Lilli Camille, and Emma Tiger. A talented sports climber himself, Schweiger tragically perished in a traffic accident in 2023.

Net Worth

He has been active in the entertainment industry since 1989, appearing in movies and television series such as Lindenstrasse in 1989 before making his film debut with Manta Manta that same year and quickly getting more roles thereafter. Additionally he began writing and producing films; making his first directorial appearance uncreditedly in 1997’s Knockin on Heaven’s Door movie.

His movies have earned critical acclaim and won several awards for both acting and producing roles, with Barefoot Films serving as his production company and him having amassed an estimated net worth of $20 Million. Being of Sagittarius sign and possessing an athletic body type – including basketball and American football as hobbies as well as cooking – he loves spending time with both family and friends alike.

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