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Sean Cody – Steven Brown

Sean Cody and his crew believe that Gay Porn is too homophobic and may damage business, which is why their models speak like straight guys.

Devon was given specific instructions to speak in an unwavering voice or they would discontinue shooting. Furthermore, they requested no cuming until directed by them.

Early Life and Education

Steve struggled with feelings of inferiority due to his physical disabilities and poor socioeconomic status. To increase his chances for success, he discovered the secret was in diligently pursuing goals; for this he joined Civil Air Patrol cadet program with extraordinary diligence – eventually becoming one of its highest ranked members within his squadron.

Guido (formerly Ryan Kroger), an athletic American male tattooed with muscle, displays his toned physique and large dick in his debut solo scene with Sean Cody. Alongside mustachioed stud Alex, Guido engages in passionate bareback sex as they fuck doggystyle, spoon and in missionary positions – his debut Sean Cody solo scene will showcase all that his muscles can offer!

Professional Career

Sean worked across education and solar/alternative energy technologies throughout his professional life. As president and solar consultant for his own company, his passion for environmental change was realized.

He was able to help people save money on electricity bills and decrease their carbon footprint, while being an active member of the American Association for Energy Efficiency – an organization dedicated to sustainable energy use.

Devon has written on his blog how much he dislikes working for Sean Cody’s studio staff, claiming they treat gay models harshly and tell them not to make weird faces as this will make the scene “too gay”. Furthermore, they believe older models are more desirable.

Achievement and Honors

Escape to the Country presenter Steve Brown recently received one of the highest honours bestowed by his local council.

The star was given the honorary title of Freeman of the Borough of Swale, which recognizes those with great standing in their communities.

Str8upgayporn reported recently that an actor using Sean Cody as their real name on Facebook to friend various models allowed them to easily recognize them from their pornography videos.

Lucas Entertainment model Liam recently addressed Sean Cody for their treatment of models, alleging they do not pay them enough and using Listerine-soaked towels during scenes as unhygienic measures against another model during scenes.

Personal Life

Steven is an avid sports fan who also loves working out. A cross country runner, he often runs unclothed on the beach without his shirt on. Steven boasts an attractive hard cock and enjoys getting his pleasure fucked. This scene for Sean Cody marks his debut.

He’s an extremely attractive jock with long, dirty blonde locks and gorgeous blue eyes who has lived in Switzerland, Germany, Japan and the US. Though camera shy at first, he wants to break out of that shell and shine bright.

Steven has composed two song-based piano solo albums for Crepuscule Records – Half Out and the more accomplished set Music for Solo Piano (both released under Tuxedomoon projects). Additionally, Steven has recorded soundtracks and composed modern ballet scores; additionally touring as both painter and musician.

Net Worth

Steven works hard to maintain a great body, which he does through regular workouts and weightlifting sessions. With such an imposing bod comes an equally impressive cock that becomes quite hard over time; so when Sean brought Steven onto set he wasted no time getting it into frame!

Steven was initially nervous to raise his hands to signal to Pol Prince his readiness, but once he did it was easy. With an appealing Southern accent that only added to his charm and an incredible physique that could carry its own.

Others claim that Burns wanted Merendino’s money; others still suggest that he intended on taking over his company. Furthermore, several models claim they have received offers of thousands of dollars from Burns for private meetings with him.

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