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See for yourself how a fireplace console works wonders

If you can’t or don’t want to add a fireplace to your home, then there is still the option of at least achieving a similar effect. Yes, using a fireplace bracket! Equipped only with large pillar candles, such an imitation of the original would be eye-catching and cozy. Take a look at our selected ideas and live out your creativity!

Living room fireplace console vases floor lamps decoration idea

With the fireplace console, an atmosphere like in luxuriously furnished houses is not too difficult to achieve

Shabby Chic Fireplace Bracket Lanterns Wall Mirror Curlicue Frame White

Wonderful decorations such as pillar candles, lanterns and fairy lights emphasize the beauty of the decorative fireplace without fire

Regardless of the season, even on mild summer evenings, you want a homely atmosphere, a peaceful retreat to relax with friends. Often you create a pleasant ambience in the living room, around the television. Here you have a real place to relax!

Mantelpiece DIY living room TV cabinet

You can set up this unique TV cabinet with fireplace console and bookshelves yourself

In order to have an additional eye-catcher in the room, the great fireplace surrounds are an alternative. Decorated with souvenirs, candle holders, fairy lights, the so-called fake chimneys always serve as a feel-good factor.

Fireplace console design daylight fairy lights warm white

Different decoration variants depending on the season

Do you want a real fireplace for your future home? With the fireplace surround you come at least one step closer to your desired interior design.

Fireplace bracket moss green storage space for plant pots

Bring uniqueness and comfort into home design

The fireplace surrounds make us think of former luxurious, noble house furnishings, of an atmosphere in which you could end the evening with a drink in hand.

Fir wood fireplace bracket, natural brown, nostalgic

Exotic flower pots underline the extraordinary effect of the fireplace imitation

Vases full of lush bouquets or twigs will find a safe place on the console as there is little risk of tipping over. If you want to protect your plants from pets, the fireplace surround comes in handy. Currently at Easter, Easter wreaths and other decorations with chocolate eggs are instant eye-catchers. Check out our articles on Easter for more inspiration ideas!

Hallway design fireplace console marble fireplace luxury

Nostalgic console made of marble in the chic hallway design

Wood as the choice of material completes the natural look of a room design. Depending on your personal taste, you can choose between authentic, untreated wood or lacquered wooden slats in white.

Deco fireplace fireplace surround dummy antique white

Candlesticks and all kinds of decorative items are stylishly and naturally on display on the fireplace console

Fireplace console decorative vintage lanterns pillar candles

Quaint vintage look with a multitude of candles to light

Chimney surround wood white narrow

A cute fireplace console in white can serve as a hallway decoration

Incidentally, correctly stacked pieces of wood are a great home accessory. As a result, the homely flair will never be missing in your home!

Fireplace surround Shabby antique white fireplace console decorative fireplace

Different candle holders have a varied effect on the antique fireplace surround

Embellishment fireplace console decoration mirror decoration figures

Cute decorative figures and personal photos adorn the small stage wonderfully

Is there no fire burning in the fireplace console? No problem, because storage baskets, pillar candles, flower pots and pieces of wood will create a successful illusion.

Fireplace surround dummy pillar candles decoration idea

Pillar candles, decorative wreaths and fairy lights – all of these emphasize the shabby chic style

Chic fireplace consoles emphasize the cozy atmosphere in your room and reinforce the impression of a real fireplace.

Shabby chic style dining room fireplace surround candle holder decoration object

Nostalgic flair in the shabby chic interior

Children's room fireplace console white turquoise design

Fireplace console with funny paintwork as a great accessory for the children’s room

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