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See your own home from a different perspective

In the past two years, our home has gained a new status, even if not entirely voluntarily. Due to the corona, we spent a lot more time in our own walls. This has brought about lasting changes in the future – both in terms of furnishings and ideas.

From home office to garden: what is really important to us

Anyone who suddenly has to spend a lot of time at home quickly realizes how important it is to feel comfortable there. As long as we commute between the office, the gym, the cinema, meeting friends and a restaurant, however, we don’t quickly notice whether and where there may be a need for optimization.

After countless employees have spent a lot of time in the home office in the recent past, among other things, the sensible furnishing of a study with ergonomic furniture such as height-adjustable desks or suitable chairs and stools has come to the fore, since we spend even more time sitting than before . Mothers have been increasingly looking for handicraft ideas to keep the children busy while working in the home office, with many DIY ideas being rediscovered or rediscovered.

Now you definitely have more time for your hobbies or for new DIY projects!

Das eigene Zuhause neugestalten mehr Zeit für Hobbys und DIY Projekte haben

The men, on the other hand, have devoted themselves to the technical upgrading of a house. The possibility of controlling the building services completely via the smartphone is an attractive idea for many, and there is finally time to implement it. You also need them, because there are some innovative offers such as the Smart Home systems at ELV, and the options are as individual as they are diverse. Once you have decided on the required elements of the system, the installation is still to be done. Fortunately, modern systems make it easy for us.

In the near future, most households will definitely have a smart home system.

Das eigene Zuhause moderner gestalten ein Smart Home System ist die Zukunft

And then of course there is the garden, which always offers space for activity before it is completely used for relaxation. Statistics from the Gardening Industry Association (IVG) have shown that the garden market developed significantly more strongly in 2020 than in previous years. At the additional time comes the increasing awareness of environmental and nature conservation. Accordingly, certain things were prioritized on the “garden plan”:

    • Raised beds for vegetables
    • Insect hotels
    • Garden houses
    • Bee-friendly beds
    • Nest boxes

Environmentally friendly craft ideas are currently in great demand and popular with young and old.

Das eigene Zuhause aus anderem Blickwinkel betrachten Insektenhotel für den Garten selber bauen gut für die Umwelt

Appreciate what remains

As uncomfortable as this particular time was, it also brought many positive things with it for one or the other. A lot has been achieved at home that will continue to enrich our lives in the future. We are more aware than ever of the value of a beautiful home. And the little things like bright flowers, a sunny place to lie on the terrace, animal residents in the garden such as hedgehogs or birds or a cozy place to work, now receive more attention.

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