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Whether it’s a house or apartment – sooner or later almost everyone wants to own a home. Anyone who is thinking of settling down in Hanover, the capital of Lower Saxony, should take a closer look at the local real estate market. You can find out what the current price development looks like, how large the range of properties is and where it is best experienced here.

Keep an eye on price developments

The real estate market in Germany has changed over the past few years. The housing supply is becoming scarcer in many places, which means that rents and purchase prices are rising. At the same time, the offer is decreasing. In times of low interest rates, it can therefore be worth considering making your dream of owning your own home come true. But when is the right time to contact a real estate agent?

As Stiftung Warentest announced, the real estate market is still attractive despite rising prices. Although the nationwide average had to be paid almost 5.6% more for a property in 2018 than in the previous year, many have a positive view of real estate purchases. No wonder, with the help of the real estate agents from city-immobilienmakler.de it is possible in Hanover to buy an apartment for less than 25 annual rents. This makes the real estate market in Hanover even more attractive.

You need a reliable partner in the marketing process for your property.

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  • This is what the current real estate situation in Hanover looks like

    A look at the real estate price index 2019 shows that you have to dig deeper into your pocket for a property in Hanover than in the rest of Lower Saxony and the national average. However, the size of the property also plays a role here. While a 100 square meter property in Hanover is available for an average of 3,663.74 euros per square meter, properties with 30 and 60 square meters in Hanover are cheaper than the nationwide average.

    In order to further increase the attractiveness of Hanover, the focus in urban planning is currently on the restructuring and refurbishment of existing residential areas. In many places there is an energetic modernization of older buildings. Because public spaces and buildings are increasingly being designed to be barrier-free, Hanover is also an option as a place of residence for elderly and disabled citizens.

Selling real estate privately is risky and can have dire consequences for you.

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  • Singles: You feel most comfortable in the southern part of the city. No wonder, as the trendy district attracts with a wide range of cultural and leisure activities. The infrastructure also scores.
  • Couples: List seems like the perfect place for couples looking for a quiet, residential area. The housing offer is particularly large here and the connection to the rest of the city is also successful.
  • Familys: Families who want to buy real estate are most likely to be drawn to Groß-Buchholz. The family-friendly infrastructure and the numerous leisure activities speak for themselves.
  • Students: Good transport connections and local supplies as well as the proximity to the campus are particularly available in Herrenhausen.
  • Seniors: Older people prefer to look for real estate in Bemerode. There are not only moderate prices and good local amenities, the many park and green areas are also impressive.

Every property must be prepared accordingly so that it can be sold quickly and well.

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Where should you start in order to be able to sell your property successfully and risk-free?

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Buy or sell?

The density of houses in Hanover varies greatly depending on the district. The density of houses is particularly low in Linden-Limmer, Mitte, Nord, Vahrenwald-List and Südstadt-Bult. There is a lot of space here to build houses, but the purchase offer is rather clear. It looks completely different in Bothfeld-Vahrenheide, Misburg-Anderten, Döhren-Wülfel, Kirchrode-Bemerose-Wülferode and in Ahlem-Badenstedt-Davenstedt. The high density of houses leaves a lot of leeway for buying and selling real estate.

According to projections by the Internet portal Immowelt, property prices in Hanover are expected to continue to rise by 2030. Investors can expect a price increase of up to 62%. So it could be worthwhile to wait to sell your property or not to delay buying a property any longer.

Only good cooperation leads to the best results.

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All’s well that ends well!

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