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Selling a house with Homeday experiences

homeday experiences
Selling a house with Homeday


Anyone who invests once in a house or a condominium can be sure that their money is well invested. Provided that the location is right, the property will always achieve a higher sales price than it once cost.

But first you have to Buyers found for your property will. Selling a house will help you Homeday, a nationwide active real estate agent with agents in more than 200 locations in Germany. I will go into detail below on my Homeday experience. Homeday not only provides you with a price assistant to calculate the real estate value of your house for free. A team of contact persons and real estate agents is also available to you at any time.

How to find the right buyer for your home

With Homeday you have the ideal partner by your side when selling your property for the following reasons:

  • A homeday broker from your region will evaluate your property free of charge and advise you on the sales strategy without obligation.
  • Homeday uses an intelligent tool for real estate valuation, the Homeday price assistant, which accesses Germany-wide real estate data.
  • When selling real estate, you not only have the realtor at your disposal at all times, but also a complete team of marketing experts.
  • Homeday works with experienced real estate agents who are very familiar with the real estate market in your region
  • Via the customer platform myHomeday you can follow the progress of the sale online at any time
  • Homeday markets your property among hundreds of thousands of registered buyers and also on the major real estate portals such as Immobilienscout24

While you probably only sell a home once in a lifetime, real estate agents do this several times a month. You not only know the market, but above all the people who are currently looking for a house or apartment. Therefore, they can correctly assess the prospective buyers with whom your house scores best – and achieves a higher price than if you were to sell your house on your own.

A real estate agent doesn’t just want to sell your home “somehow”. He works one Sales strategy out. In short, a realtor does all of the – sometimes very laborious – work associated with selling a property for you. I was able to convince myself of this when I tested the Homeday service (my homeday experiences):

My experience with Homeday: This is how real estate sales work

homeday experiences
Real estate valuation on the Homeday website

1. Registration on Homeday

First, I used the online real estate value calculator to answer a few questions about my house. The type of house (row house, EFH, farm, etc.) played a role here, as did my address. After all, the exact standard land value can only be determined with the right address. The standard land value – i.e. the value of the property – in turn plays a key role in determining the property’s value.

Shortly afterwards, Ms. Kätzel contacted me, the homeday partner broker who looks after the Havelland-Potsdam area. We arranged an appointment via video call. A meeting at my home would also have been possible. A video conference can, however, be “pushed in between” more quickly, which was very convenient for me.

2. Exact valuation using the online price calculator

At the aforementioned meeting, Ms. Kätzel introduced me to the Homeday price assistant, which we went through step by step in the following. In this respect, I was able to understand exactly which elements make up the value of my house. The installation of solar panels, for example, increases value, but also a modern fitted kitchen with high-quality kitchen appliances. The environment with schools, kindergartens, shops and a good connection to the (public) transport network also has a positive effect on the property value.

Fortunately, my house is relatively new. Therefore, it does not have any defects. If it were in need of renovation, this would of course lead to a decrease in value. Even an unfavorable floor plan or a very small plot of land reduce the overall value of the property.

3. Develop a sales strategy with a homeday real estate agent

With the homeday price assistant, my real estate agent came to a value of 445,281 euros. That is around 150,000 euros more than we paid for our house five years ago. A splendid price increase!

With the help of the tool, Ms. Kätzel has now compared the price determined with the most recent registered property sales in my town. We noticed that the houses here were sold at much higher prices (approx. 900,000 euros). However, these single-family homes were also larger. That is why she advised me not to estimate more than the calculated house price in the sales advertisement – for strategic reasons. Because in my case it is advantageous to address more prospective buyers. If there are more potential buyers, a bidding process could be carried out in order to have a positive influence on the sales price.

The particular sales strategy doesn’t just depend on which one target group one speaks, but also how much time you plan for the sale. Those who can afford to advertise for a year or more may have a better chance of finding a prospect who is willing to pay the price they want. However, since this differs from case to case, you should seek advice from your broker.

If you agree with the price and strategy, you commission Homeday to market and sell your property. Just a few days later, a professional photographer will take photos of your property for the exposé. This advertises Homeday on all major portals (e.g. Immowelt, ImmoScout24) and individually on Homeday’s more than 310,000 registered prospective buyers.

At this point, however, I got out because I just wanted to have the property value of my house determined. I am not planning a sale (yet). The advice from Homeday cost nothing. My homeday experiences are consistently positive.

This is how it would go on if I wanted to sell my house with Homeday:

4. Compilation of all necessary documents

The real estate agent commissioned by me will provide all the necessary documents if necessary, even the energy certificate! He is supported by the Homeday staff so that this works quickly and smoothly. No matter how much the effort is, all of these services are already in the cheap Commissions included for the seller.

Sell ​​property with homeday
Be up to date on the progress of the sale: with myHomeday

5. Transparency in all sales steps

Would you like to know how many people are interested in your house, who has made a viewing and what progress the sale is taking? All of this can be viewed online in yours personal account on the customer platform myHomeday. Prospective buyers can even provide feedback on the property and send offers to buy. Homeday takes over the communication with prospective buyers for you, arranges viewing appointments and carries them out. -Of course only after your agent consulted with you about it.

6. Accompaniment until the keys are handed over

Buyer and purchase price match? Then Homeday will finally take care of it Purchase contract and notary appointment. Finally, the sale should be completed in a legally secure manner. Homeday is by your side until the final handover of the keys to the buyer

What does a real estate agent cost on Homeday?

In Germany, sellers and buyers each have to budget up to 3.57% for this. In the case of Homeday, on the other hand, the commission is below the usual brokerage fee. On average, sellers and buyers together save 4,000 euros with the real estate agent.

How much is demand for real estate in Berlin & Brandenburg at the moment?

The demand for residential property is not only high in metropolitan areas, it pervades society as a whole. According to rbb Inforadio, 40% of Berliners would like to have their own house. However, due to the lack of building plots and houses, only 10% will be able to realize this wish. If you already own a property and want to sell it, you are therefore in a favorable situation. My homeday experiences show that the real estate value increases enormously within a short period of time. With an online broker like Homeday, the sale of a property is quick, easy and inexpensive – and also achieves the optimal price.

LG Anne !!!

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