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Set up living room, modern carpets for living room

Decoration ideas with modern carpets for the living room

The following gorgeous examples show it clearly: A well-chosen carpet for the living room can transform the room completely. These serve as individual accents in minimalist or at least very sparingly furnished rooms. The effect is modern and very individual.

Carpet in a neutral color

A neutral carpet with beautifully shaped edges is hardly noticeable in the room, but it immediately gives it an unforgettable charm. 2017 you have several suitable shades to choose from. But you can also choose something classic to guarantee a long-lasting topical effect. For example the ivory color.

modernes Wohnzimmer einrichten Interieur Teppich in neutraler Farbe

A carpet in a neutral color shows off your living room furnishings to their best advantage.

Teppich Design Ideen für Wohnzimmer

Wonderful, very stylish living room, the look of which is complemented by a beige carpet with a striking carpet edge

Moroccan carpets

Put an accent with a Moroccan rug. These are available in striking or neutral colors. Regardless of whether you opt for the traditional bright colors or for a more modern variant in neutral shades, you will impress your guests with the unique appearance.

gemustert Exotik marokkanische Teppich

Moroccan carpets bring an exotic flair to your living room.

Wohnzimmer Ideen gemusterter Teppich vorwiegend rot

A chic patterned carpet in predominantly red creates a Mediterranean charm in the living room

Geometric pattern

If the carpet is an accent in the room, you can opt for one with a pronounced geometric appearance. Great examples can be found in the Spanish tradition. Consider the variant of geometric carpets in the current jewel nuances.

Teppich in geometrischen Mustern sich wiederholendes Muster

Geometric patterns, not only on the carpet, but also on the curtains and decorative pillows are always very striking and immediately catch the eye

Fur or fur carpet

The fur or fur rugs are further great variants for the modern rooms with accent rugs. Aim for the contrasts between different textures. For example, you can combine the fur or fur carpet with silk curtains.

modernes Wohnzimmer elegante Möbel hell weißer Fellteppich

A beautiful fur rug gives your modern living room the finishing touch and completes the stylish interior design

Dusty pink

The pink color always leaves a strong impression. Dusty rose retains this effect and still remains neutral and calming. So this color is perfect for your accent rug in the simply furnished living room.

Teppich in Altrosa

A living room carpet in dusky pink has a very calming effect on the eyes and soul

Blue and white

Let’s continue with the eye-catching, but at the same time very soothing accent rugs. The combination of blue and white has exactly this character. The colors can be introduced through patterns, for example floral for a soft appearance and geometric patterns for a more austere look.

Teppich weiß blau Muster interessante Einrichtung

Go for the classic look and choose a rug in blue and white

modernes Wohnzimmer Polstermöbel helle Farben Teppich gemustert weiß blau

Super modern living room carpet patterned in blue and white

Just one color

Solid color carpets can also be very impressive. The important thing here is that their texture stands out well on the floor. When you go for a monochrome look, you fully unleash the potential of color. For example, a living room in white with a white carpet will be really dazzling and bright. The effect is of course even stronger if you combine this facility with ample access to light.

Blauer Teppich im Wohnzimmer

Every living room carpet has its own charm, but this one in one color, for example light blue, cannot stand up to competition.

Stripes are still relevant

The striped carpets are very suitable for living rooms, where one dimension should be emphasized more. This allows you to compensate for things like balancing things out in a room that is too long or too narrow. The effect is even stronger if the stripes are also found on other elements in the room, for example on the textiles.

modern eingerichtetes Wohnzimmer weiße Sitzmöbel

Stripes are back in and provide more dynamism in the modern living room

Sisal carpet

The sisal carpet is a particularly inconspicuous solution. On this, however, the furniture act as strong accents, even if they are selected in a minimalist style.

Wohnzimmer exotisches Flair Sisalteppich

To make the living room appear more exotic, roll out a sisal rug there

Animal pattern

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to the carpets with animal patterns. In neutral colors, they look exotic, but still stylish and not kitschy.

Teppich mit Tiermuster weiß schwarz

For all lovers of the exotic, there are currently wonderful, stylish carpets with animal patterns

Wohnzimmerteppich interessante geometrische Muster

This chic patterned carpet is the undisputed eye-catcher in the living room

Wohnzimmerteppich geometrische Muster modern deko ideen

Interesting geometric patterns go perfectly with this interior

eklektisches Wohnzimmer einrichten Ledersofa Kaffeetisch aus Paletten

Every carpet goes well in an eclectic living room

schönes Interieur modernes Wohnzimmer grau weißer Teppich

Sublime and beautiful modern living room in gray with white carpet

einrichtung wandfarben wohnzimmer

Subtle patterns and subtle colors never go out of style.

schöner Wohnzimmerteppich sanfte Farben fast keine Möbel sehr gemütlich

All eyes are on the living room carpet!

wohnzimmer einrichten farbiger teppich blumen

If you want to introduce a little more color into your living room …………

Wohnzimmerteppich Tiermuster

Animal prints, but very stylized, can look so good on the living room carpet

marineblauer Teppich

Modern elegance is at home here

Eleganter Fellteppich

Handmade fur rugs are in demand

Wohnzimmerinterieur elegante Möbel heller Fellteppich

This bright fur rug takes the living room interior to a higher level

weiß schwarz Teppich in Tiermuster

A beautiful animal print rug can freshen up the minimalist living room a little

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