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Sewing tablecloths yourself is fun

Do you enjoy doing DIY projects? The trend towards homemade and vintage things is in full swing. The sewing work may seem rich in detail and time-consuming, actually it is a great distraction from the stress and strain of professional life.
If you have the right fabric with you, you could easily convert it to a tablecloth or fabric napkins. This way you will have unique home textiles!
We’ll show you a few examples that you can copy:

Easily washable table runner green yellow red

Table runner from Pisa for everyday use

The polyester with micro-acrylic coating is ideal as a tablecloth because it is easy to care for and easy to process. The fabric with its subtle pattern can be easily inscribed in any environment, even in the garden.

Tablecloth easy-care mocha table runner white

Clever combination of cotton and polyester fabrics

The pretty combination of brown tablecloth and white table runners spices up the interior right away. With a modern look and easy-care materials (50% cotton, 50% polyester) you would like to show off this combination at lunch with friends.
Do you only have one piece of fabric that is not enough for the whole table? The table runners are the solution in this case. Bravely combine the different nuances with each other and add color-coordinated home accessories.

Tablecloth retro white red dots balcony terrace

Summery polka dots in red and white

Table runner cotton checked brown beige

The pattern mix is ​​ideal for all dining areas

Table runner plaid pattern cheerful color combination

Cut a fine figure indoors and in the garden

Bring out your existing old-fashioned home furnishings in a retro style, they’re back in the fashion cycle.

Tablecloth classy pink red creative

Interesting fabric structure and embroidery as the result of careful handwork

Vintage tablecloths made from unused curtains or furniture covers grab the attention immediately. Equipped with elegant patterns, complement your table decoration in a stylish way.

Home textiles linen pearl gray black

Great edge in black

Monochrome fabrics can be decorated with a striking border design. Whether in different colors or materials, you can achieve the great effect with little effort.
Elegant textiles like these can be easily adapted to one another because of their similar colors and patterns.

Tablecloth motifs food red green

Vegetable motifs add cheerful, colorful accents in the house or garden

Tablecloth high quality curved watercolor

Effective elements in shades of blue

Garden tablecloth easy-care strong color green yellow blue

Geometric shapes and flower motifs make up this fashionable tablecloth

Noble decorative embroidery ivory cotton

Elegant tablecloth with embroidery

Table linen damask polka dot pattern shiny

Discreet tablecloths for your next celebration

Tablecloth white beige cotton

Classics in white can easily be combined with other tablecloths

Elegant jacquard tablecloth

Traditional tablecloth with a matt-gloss effect in gray

Tablecloth Christmas light gray print motif

Tablecloth with a Christmas print pattern in light gray

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