Shanna Adamic

Shanna Adamic – An Advocate for Cerner’s Promise to Connect and Care

Shanna Adamic is an accomplished executive and fundraising professional with an unparalleled understanding of healthcare. As an active brain tumor survivor and Cerner’s advocate, she recently shared her personal journey of dealing with an acoustic neuroma tumor that had grown large enough to press on her brain stem and pressurize it.

Personal Life

Shanna Adamic has an undying commitment to giving back through Cerner’s First Hand program, travelling the globe entertaining US troops and serving as cheerleader for Kansas City Chiefs football games for eight years. Additionally, she underwent 12-hour surgery for removal of a golf-ball-sized benign acoustic neuroma that was pressurizing her brain stem; currently raising two young children with her husband while making appearances at charity events sponsored by First Hand where she recently met Darius Rucker (her idol).

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