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Wally Szczerbiak – Shannon Szczerbiak

Szczerbiak was the son of former American Basketball Association (ABA) player. While playing, he helped Madrid win three championships and established a Spanish league record of 65 points in one game. Subsequent to retiring, Szczerbiak transitioned into broadcasting and philanthropy; showing insightful knowledge and profound understanding of basketball.

He currently resides on Long Island with his wife Shannon and their children Annabella Rose, Amberly Roseanna and Maximus Jack.

Early Life and Education

Shannon Elizabeth Ward was born April 4th 1977 as Shannon Szczerbiak in America and practices Christianity as her religion.

As a child, she showed an early interest in mechanical and electrical objects, even creating her own model plane and radio-controlled model boat in her spare time. Additionally, she perfected her basketball skills and competed as part of Long Island group at Empire State Games.

Szczerbiak lives on Long Island with her husband Wally. The couple met during freshman orientation session at Miami University and married on July 1, 2000. Since then they have welcomed three children – Annabella, Amberley and Maximus Jack. Despite rumors of separation, Szczerbiak and Wally remain together; often sharing photos of their children together on social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram.

Professional Career

Wally Szczerbiak enjoyed an NBA career from 1999-2006 with Minnesota Timberwolves before switching teams and playing for Boston Celtics and Seattle SuperSonics/Cleveland Cavaliers from 2007-2009; unfortunately his later years were marred by several knee injuries that hindered him further.

As soon as he retired, he successfully transitioned into sports broadcasting; becoming an analyst for CBS College Sports and MSG Network basketball coverage as well as being featured on NBA TV and March Madness broadcasts.

Shannon Szczerbiak and Wally are married, with four children: Annabelle, Brody, Maximilian and Sophia. The two met while attending Miami University where Shannon also studied marketing before working as an intern with Honeywell Specialty Materials as reported.

Achievement and Honors

He was chosen sixth overall in the 1999 NBA draft by Minnesota Timberwolves and earned one All-Star selection during his career. Additionally, his three-point shooting percentage stands at 35.7 percent over his entire three-year span of play.

He graduated with a degree in marketing from Miami University in 1999, becoming their second all-time scorer and becoming only the fifth player ever to have their number retired and be inducted into their athletic hall of fame.

Wally met his wife Shannon Ward while attending Miami University as freshman orientation group members. They married on July 1, 2000 and now share five children – Annabella, Amberly, Savanna and Maximus Jack; as well as son Xavier; all living in Oxford Ohio with Annabella attending college to pursue equine related career goals in Kentucky.

Personal Life

Shannon Ward met Wally Szczerbiak at Miami University, and the couple has three children: Amberley, Maximus Jack and Annabella. Shannon is also an active Instagram user, sharing photos of them to her followers.

After retiring from basketball, Szczerbiak found a career in sports broadcasting. He joined CBS College Sports as well as MSG Network where he now hosts their Knicks post-game show.

Former NBA player Vince Carter currently boasts a net worth of $35 Million, acquired through contracts he signed over his career with various organizations. A graduate of Cold Spring Harbor High School and participating in the 1994 Empire State Games competitions, Carter currently resides on Long Island with his family.

Net Worth

Szczerbiak had an 11-year basketball career. Over this span, he played with three separate teams before finally finding himself with Cleveland Cavaliers where he helped advance beyond the first round of 2008 NBA playoffs.

Szczerbiak earned millions as a professional athlete and participated in various charitable efforts designed to show his dedication and passion for helping improve communities around him.

Shannon Szczerbiak’s net worth is estimated at $20 Million. She and husband Wally Szczerbiak share five children together. Shannon holds an internship position at Honeywell Specialty Materials while living on Long Island; contrary to rumors of separation they remain together devotedly as parents and lovers.

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