Sharon Shenocca

Sharon Shenocca – American Blond Receptionist Who Got Into the Limelight Due to Her Extra-Marital Affair

Sharon Shenocca is an American receptionist who gained prominence due to her extra-marital affair with legendary football coach Bill Belichick. Although divorced, Sharon has two children from their union.

As part of her divorce proceedings with Vincent Shenocca, it was discovered that she had an unexpected source of income: Bill Belichick was providing her with extra cash.

Early Life and Education

Sharon Shenocca is a receptionist by profession who gained prominence when she had an affair with New York Giants coach Bill Belichick. At first she was married to Vincent Shenocca a construction worker but their union eventually disintegrated after Sharon began dating Belichick.

Shenocca hails from the United States and belongs to white ethnicity.

She has not discussed her early life or education publicly. She spent most of her formative years living with her sister who served as her companion during their childhood years. It wasn’t often difficult for her to meet her average needs and goals until becoming involved in a celebratory affair with a celebrity.

Professional Career

Sharon Shenocca hails from New Jersey and works as a receptionist. She is divorced, has two children and first married Vincent Shenocca who worked as a construction worker; their marriage lasted about ten years. Following this affair began dating Bill Belichick; it blossomed into something serious as he sent monthly payments of $3000 as well as covering training fees, fashion purchases, trips to Utah spa, Jamaica Florida, Puerto Rico as well as purchasing her a Brooklyn town house as gifts from him.

She admitted during her divorce proceedings that the football guru FedExed her at least $150,000 cash and provided lavish vacations. Additionally, he purchased a $2.2 million Park Slope townhouse which she sold off later. Since 2012 Shenocca has been dating Brian Cook and living in an extravagant home that boasts stained glass windows.

Achievement and Honors

As a receptionist at New York Giants, she rose to fame when she had an affair with Bill Belichick, the well-known coach. Since their divorce she now leads an independent life.

As she prefers to stay out of the limelight, most details on her life remain unavailable to the public. Born and raised in the United States alongside Kerry, she belongs to white ethnicity with American nationality. Unfortunately, neither her parents’ names or details regarding early life and education are publicly known.

Personal Life

Sharon Shenocca is an American receptionist who rose to prominence following her affair with Bill Belichick. Married and with two children, Sharon works at various locations as well as owning her own Jersey store. However, she remains extremely private regarding her personal life – keeping information regarding family matters such as children or marriage away from media coverage.

Shenocca and Vincent Shenocca had been married for approximately 10 years before their separation became final. At her divorce hearings, Shenocca testified that Belichick was her “sugar daddy,” sending cash payments of at least $150,000 through FedEx as well as paying for lavish vacations he purchased a $2.2 million townhouse on Brooklyn for her.

Shenocca prefers to remain private about her net worth and lives a quiet lifestyle with her two children.

Net Worth

Sharon Shenocca prefers living a private life and does not discuss it on social media platforms, yet reports indicate she made significant money through her affair with Bill Belichick.

Vincent Shenocca, an American construction worker, and she shared two children. After approximately ten years together, their marriage came to an abrupt halt as she engaged in an affair with Bill Belichick.

Belichick sent Clarke an envelope containing $3000 every month until 2012, when she sold it back. At that time, Belichick had recently been divorced from Debby Clarke and owned a Jersey Store.

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