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Roberta Shaw Thomas – A Memorable Lifelong Community Member

Roberta Shaw Thomas was an active member of the Chamber of Commerce, Busy Bee Club and PEO Chapter AZ at Cherokee. Additionally, she co-owned a beauty shop in Aline and was known to her family as an excellent homemaker.

She championed the rights of deaf children to educational and linguistic resources. A dedicated volunteer, she was passionate about her work.

Early Life and Education

Roberta Thomas was born in Sea Cliff, New York and adopted by Theodore and Eva Cook after her mother passed away. Later she relocated with her husband to California where they established Columbia Pictures’ research department while also teaching English and social studies classes at San Fernando High, Sun Valley Junior High, and Mulholland Junior High schools.

She worked tirelessly and nurtured her children with energy, devotion and purpose. She enjoyed sharing her home and heart with friends, family, neighbors and students alike.

She was an active participant at Aline Christian Church. She served as Worthy Matron, held other church offices, sang in the choir and led Bible study groups. Additionally, she had long been part of the Order of the Eastern Star where she held District Deputy positions three times and eventually Grand Marshall status in 1996.

Professional Career

Thomas was an enthusiastic arts volunteer. Her passion lay in furthering all forms of dance, creating collaboration and furthering Aline Christian Fellowship’s dance ministry. Thomas served on Aline Christian Fellowship’s Board and in her Church Women United chapter where she held several leadership roles – Worthy Matron and District Deputy; Refinishing furniture/woodwork with Wanda Sims as well as singing in choir/quartet was her forte.

Last year she was midway through a career change when she lost her job due to taking advantage of a company buyout offer and losing it unexpectedly. Since then she has been searching for work as a senior home care worker and applying for both state and federal unemployment assistance, while keeping busy by taking classes at Harrisburg Careerlink while serving as bishop at her church.

Achievement and Honors

Roberta Thomas was an enthusiastic supporter of all forms of creative arts and was committed to collaboration. She tirelessly upheld arts organizations, served as mentor to eager spirits, and befriended many in need.

She was an active member of Aline Christian Church in St. John’s and served in multiple capacities of its Women’s Fellowship (CWF) – including serving three terms as Worthy Matron – as well as Aline Chapter #265 of Eastern Stars and Alva Chapter #97 of Alva Stars.

She taught Economics and Personal Finance, winning Virginia Credit Union’s Teacher of the Quarter recognition program. Additionally, she is certified life coaching. Her students especially appreciated her “Baby Boomer Budget Project,” where they made choices regarding living expenses on minimum wage salaries.

Personal Life

Roberta Thomas was an invaluable member of her community, serving as both wife and mother to two sons whom she deeply devoted herself to raising. Roberta participated in various local activities including membership at Chamber of Commerce and Busy Bee Club as well as bowling on a league at King Louis Ranchmart. She will always be fondly remembered.

She was actively engaged with both her church and school communities, volunteering her services at school lunches and events for children. Wanda Sims and Elvin Otti were great sources of joy in her life and singing together was something she relished doing as part of a quartet. Additionally, she served in both Aline Chapter and Alva Chapter as Worthy Matron for several years with the Order of the Eastern Star.

Net Worth

Roberta Thomas has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand. She currently resides at 111 Chestnut Pkwy in Wallingford PA 19086 within Delaware county and her ancestry hails from Oklahoma.

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