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Shirley Ballas Net Worth

Shirley was an intelligent and personable lady. She could hold any conversation and always took an interest in those she encountered.

At Yale, she focused her studies on topics close to her heart such as Afro-American studies. Additionally, she was extremely active in community service work and served on multiple boards.

Early Life and Education

Shirley Daniels loved being part of her family. She enjoyed attending little league baseball, hockey and soccer games for children as well as dance recitals and drama productions for dance classes and productions at dance recitals and drama productions for dance recitals or drama productions by dance schools or drama production companies for dance recitals or drama productions by dance students or production companies for drama productions or High School Graduations and Military Celebration events for her children or grandchildren.

She was an extremely compassionate individual who tirelessly worked to preserve Ojibway culture and pass its traditions onto younger generations. Additionally, she was an outstanding cook who enjoyed gardening.

As part of their formal thanks, Big Island Chief and Elders Council presented her with two finely stitched moccasins as a memento. Her sudden passing has left an irreparable hole in our community – her generosity will be deeply missed, yet her memory will live on in perpetuity.

Professional Career

She was an active member of Messiah Missionary Baptist Church and community organizations. As one of only a few African American women to ever lead Grand Rapids Community Foundation board meetings, as well as other local boards and institutions.

She is one of the kindest professors I have ever had; always willing to assist her students and offer inspiring pep talks, she helped guide my nursing career and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her!

Shirley Daniels of Ainsworth is survived by her children – Connie Daniels of Scottsbluff, Nebraska and Steve and Chuck Daniels from Ainsworth – grandchildren, great-grandchildren as well as staff at Sandhills Care Center who never stopped marveling at how quick-witted and clever she was until she passed. She will be laid to rest at Sunset Cemetery.

Achievement and Honors

Shirley Daniels was an accomplished woman who made tremendous contributions to her community. A member of First Baptist Church in Woodbury, she loved watching Nascar races with her husband while spending time with family and her grandchildren.

At Yale, she worked as the assistant to the director of BSAY (Building Student Attitude Toward Academics), a tutoring and summer program providing assistance to high school students from three poverty-stricken schools in New Haven. Working hard to keep this program afloat while managing her own classes and studying Afro-American Studies simultaneously was no small task!

In her later years, she helped revitalize Jackson Medical Mall neighborhood through economic and community development efforts – garnering her a place in the African-American Hall of Fame.

Personal Life

Shirley was an active grandmother and great-grandmother who could always be found at Little League baseball games, hockey and soccer matches, dance recitals or drama productions – not to mention traveling throughout all 50 states and various Canadian Provinces!

Daniels met Sam Cooper during her first year at Simmons. Cooper introduced her to Yale’s new Afro-American studies major – one of only a few in the country at that time – which opened her up to engaging with the black community near Yale rather than simply white students.

She attended Park Avenue Baptist Church on Roanoke Island and later Poplar Branch Baptist Church in Grandy, North Carolina and Duck United Methodist Church both located there. Additionally, she belonged to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

Net Worth

Shirley Ballas currently boasts an estimated net worth of $6 Million. As an English ballroom dancer who has become well known in the international Latin division where she has won multiple championship titles.

She has appeared in a number of films, plays, and television shows as both an actress and guest host, including numerous talk shows.

Her fans are eager to gain more information about her personal life and career achievements. In her free time, she enjoys making art. As an accomplished sculptor whose pieces have been shown at galleries worldwide. Additionally, she wrote a book with Marty Ingles before his passing that can be found here. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin to store whether or not the user has consented to using cookies on this website.

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