Should I have a XING profile?

Should I have a XING profile?

A Xing profile is one of the basic ingredients for your job search and career. It is a very important tool for finding and being found, especially in Germany, but also in Austria and Switzerland. Anyone who has been internationally active from the start should also get a LinkedIn profile.

How do I make a good LinkedIn profile?

Tips for Building a Great LinkedIn Profile: Add a professional looking profile photo. Come up with a memorable profile slogan. Write a summary. Add any relevant work experience and education. Add relevant knowledge.

Should you have a LinkedIn profile?

The three experts agree on one thing: A complete résumé and a professional photo are particularly important when appearing on Xing or LinkedIn. As Michael Heister knows from his own experience, many HR managers also look at the digital appearances of their applicants.

What skills to add on LinkedIn?

You can add up to 50 skills on LinkedIn. The network also makes suggestions based on the keywords on your profile. It is up to you whether you really state 50 skills or prefer to focus on a limited number of 5 to 10 skills.

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