Should I have aroused your interest, am I looking forward to a personal conversation?

Should I have aroused your interest, am I looking forward to a personal conversation?

If I have aroused your interest, I look forward to a personal conversation. I would like to get to know you and your company in a personal meeting. I would be happy to convince you in a personal interview that you will gain a committed and experienced employee in me.

How to formulate salary expectations?

If you prefer clear announcements, then write, for example: My salary expectations are 52,000 euros per year. An annual gross salary of EUR 36,500 is what I want. Based on my qualifications, I consider an annual salary of 55,000 euros to be appropriate.

How do you formulate the entry date in the application?

Formulations: How to name the starting date “I am currently in a non-terminated employment relationship and could therefore start with you on TT at the earliest. MM. YYYY start. “I’ll be happy to help you because of my notice period, but at the earliest the TT. MM.YYYY available. “To the TT. mm

When is your earliest possible starting date?

The wording for your earliest possible starting date should be based on the relevant facts, just as with the wording of salary expectations. The following formulations are possible: “My earliest possible starting date is July 1, 2020.”

What do you write in an application if you are still employed?

In the final sentence of the cover letter, you will of course describe your situation in more detail: Since I am currently in an employment relationship that has not been terminated, I would ask you to treat this application confidentially. Please call me back after 8 p.m. on the number given above…

What are blocking notices in an application?

A blocking note is a short note in the application letter to treat the documents confidentially. This serves to ensure that your current employer does not find out about your application to another company.

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