Should teachers be evaluated by their students? Arguments?

Should teachers be evaluated by their students? Arguments?

Yes, in any case ! contra: students could judge teachers too badly if they despise a teacher. pro: teachers should then improve if the rating is bad. in other words: you have to make your lessons (more) interesting so that the students are interested and encouraged to learn.

What to do when a teacher bullies a student?

What you can do against bullying: Confide in others – for example friends, parents or other teachers. Try to talk to the teacher and confront him with his misconduct. If the teacher denies everything or there is no improvement, the next step is to talk to the school management.More entries…•

Should students rate their teachers anonymously online?

Since 2004, the students have therefore anonymously evaluated their teachers every two years with the help of a detailed computer-aided questionnaire.

Should students rate their teachers anonymously?

The school board wants to use the feedback to improve teaching. In the future, Hamburg’s students will be able to rate their teachers’ lessons online and anonymously. Because they are the experts in every respect when it comes to learning and teaching,” said Rabe.

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