Should you study abroad?

Should you study abroad?

Pro Study Abroad – The Advantages Those who complete their entire degree abroad (and not just do a semester abroad) gain intensive international experience and consolidate their foreign language skills deeply and comprehensively.

How do you apply to a university abroad?

When you apply, you usually have to submit the following documents: application form, overview of your academic achievements, report from a university professor, high school diploma, curriculum vitae, motivation letter, (certified) proof of achievement, evidence of language skills, mostly through TOEFL or IELTS.

Is a semester abroad important for a career?

A semester abroad not only means better career opportunities, it also promises a unique adventure! At the beginning of a new semester, many students are no longer just faced with choosing new modules and courses, but increasingly also with the decision of a possible semester abroad.

Can you fly from university?

That’s why you’re not “kicked” out of the university. Depending on the examination regulations (search on the homepage or look at the dean’s office), this counts as “failed” or as a (permissible) withdrawal from the examination. As a rule, the exam is rated 5.0 (i.e. failed).

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