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Show your creativity and win great prizes!

Creativity undoubtedly has many areas of application and everyone can define it for themselves. For example, your flashy outfit for the upcoming party can impress your friends. Or the decor of your home can showcase your creativity and ingenuity. And if you are renovating your four walls yourself, then you’ve come to the right place! Because we have interesting information for creative people like you!


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Party animals sometimes have a hard time! Because after every great party, your apartment looks devastated. At this sight you get a shock. How can this jumble be put right again? You don’t have to worry because there is a team that you can always rely on. Baufix, the wood and construction technology company, is always at your side and is happy to help avoid any embarrassing situation. A wide range of high quality products, made in Germany, is available to you if you want to renovate your home.

After a great party, you shouldn't despair, because there is a way out of every complicated situation

After a great party, you shouldn’t despair, because there is a way out of every complicated situation

Source: www.wenndannrichtig.de

And the company now has a surprise for all of its fans!

Baufix already published its new campaign on January 13th, which has the motto “If, then right!”. You can show what that means for you in a short video and upload it to the company’s Facebook page. “Think creatively and act pragmatically,” is the motto now! Because this is a film contest in which every creative spirit can participate. In the video you can show how you yourself understand these three words. Are you guided by the slogan “If, then right!” When you go shopping or do you rather paint the walls at home? Your video could represent something great in your life – from crazy moments to situations you always wanted to get into – or not. Now the perfect moment has come for you to show your craftsmanship or to record a very special situation in your life on video. Just take part in the “If, then right!” Competition! You can get more inspiration from the campaign video
and other application videos and realize your project really well.

Do you want to participate in the competition

Do you want to take part in the competition? Well then go!

Source: www.wenndannrichtig.de

But what is really “if, then right” for Baufix? In short, this is the idea of ​​how the company’s products can be used easily, quickly and effectively. For example, you don’t need to be a professional to install wall tiles or replace broken ones with new ones. You only need one of the Baufix products and the embarrassing situation will be mastered in no time. That is “if, then right”! If you do something, do it right and Baufix will help you to do it quickly and well.

If you do something, do it right

Now the motto is: if you do something, do it right!

Source: www.wenndannrichtig.de

You can do almost anything with Baufix products. Do you want to repaint the wood flooring at home? This is not a problem at all with the paints and varnishes from Baufix, because they preserve the good quality of the wood. And this material can be found in many different places in every house – from the floor to the wall and ceiling cladding to decorative elements on furniture.
With the products from Baufix you can actually let your creativity run free. Inside and outside! Do you have to repaint the house facade? Yes, the outside area must not be neglected under any circumstances. High quality paints or varnishes for the garden furniture are also on offer, so you will always find the right solution for you! The quality and prices of the products, paints and varnishes are right, so that you can completely redesign your house quickly and easily. Follow the instructions on the back of the products and you can get everything done in no time! If you are a DIY fan and like to make something out of pallets, you will find everything you need for your hobby here! Design your project and let your creativity do the rest!

Now you know exactly what miracles you can do with Baufix products.
If you want to take part in the company’s film contest, act now! Great prizes await the best applicant who collects the most likes on Facebook by March 31st. From among the ten best videos with the most likes on March 31, 2017 at 10:00 a.m., an independent jury will decide on the winner from first to fifth. Among other things, there will be tickets for the 29th matchday of the 1st Bundesliga.

Find out more about this video contest here and get started!

Our editorial team wishes you lots of fun and success!

Baufix is ​​always by your side and is happy to help you make things right again

Baufix is ​​always by your side and is happy to help you make things right again

Source: www.wenndannrichtig.de

Rejoice because you can be the winner of the video contest

Rejoice because you can be the winner of the video contest!

Source: www.wenndannrichtig.de

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