Shower Toga Net Worth 2021

Shower Toga Net Worth 2021

Invented by a woman from Woodstock, Georgia, Shower Toga is an innovative bathing accessory that offers complete privacy when showering in public. The toga, which comes in male and female models, is a water-resistant garment that goes around the armpits or waist. It has a drawstring for easy on and off. It also has a pocket for soap or shampoo. The Shower Toga may seem like a novelty item at first, but it is actually quite popular.

The Shower Toga was invented by Kressa Peterson, a self-described outdoor enthusiast and avid horse rider. The idea came to Peterson after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She wanted to find a way to shower without the worry of getting dirty. She had been working in direct mail advertising for many years when she came up with the Shower Toga idea.

The Shower Toga is a water-resistant nylon garment with a drawstring, small pockets, and a hook to hang it from the neck. It can be worn while showering, rinsing, and drying. It also offers side access for removing a shower head. It can be machine washed or dried. It even doubles as a duffel bag. It is perfect for the beach or hiking. It can be used hundreds of times.

Shower Toga first came to public attention when it was featured on Shark Tank. It is now sold on and has sold more than ten thousand units in the last year. The company plans to expand their operations in the near future. It is currently shipping to all 50 states in the U.S. and is available for $35 on Amazon. It is a unique product and is definitely a must have for any active individual.

Shower Toga was also featured on Shark Tank starring Mark Cuban. He gave her an offer for $80,000 for 40% of the company. This is a lot of money for a new business and a good deal for Kressa. She accepted. Her net worth is currently around 300,000 dollars, but that may be because she had to borrow money to get started.

The Shower Toga was invented to solve a problem that a lot of people have. After spending a day or two out in the wild, it’s hard to shower off in public without getting dirty. Peterson, who has a love for outdoor activities, knew how important it was to shower off after an active day. She also wanted to be able to clean her clothes without anyone seeing her. The Shower Toga was the logical choice.

Kressa Peterson is also a competitive outdoor athlete. Her family is active in mud runs and obstacle races. She wanted a discreet way to shower off after an active day. The Shower Toga is a unique bathing accessory that is worth the price. It has been featured on Shark Tank and the company is innovating ways to get more people to buy their product.

The Shower Toga is deemed a major success by many, and the company is planning to expand their operations in the near future. They have partnered with several events and associations to increase awareness. They are also looking for ways to increase their bottom line.

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