Silverchair 2023

After years of emotional ups and downs, Silverchair’s two surviving members, drummer Ben Gillies and bassist Chris Joannou, share their stories for the first time ever. It’s an insightful look into one of Australia’s most successful bands.

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Early Life and Education

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Silverchair began in Ben Gillies’s garage when three high school kids from Newcastle formed the band in 1982. Their breakthrough single Tomorrow propelled them onto Australian charts, worldwide touring, and fame. Diorama represented an important musical step forward for Silverchair by adding strings, horns and mature lyrics into their sound; and touring it worldwide before joining Powderfinger on their Across The Great Divide tour – their last joint tour together.

Professional Career

Ben Gilles, drummer for Silverchair, is now worth more than one million thanks to their album sales and world tour royalties. Driving an EH Holden sedan and working behind the counter at Sound World record store are his sources of wealth.

In 1994, four schoolmates from Newcastle’s Merewether surfing suburb formed the Innocent Criminals as a band. Their debut single Tomorrow catapulted them onto a trajectory toward chart-topping hits, world tours, and lasting fame.

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Achievement and Honors

Silverchair are one of the best-known Australian bands ever. Winning 21 ARIA Awards and nominated for more, Silverchair have become Australia’s most-awarded rock band. Each album they released topped the Australian album charts – all five albums made it to number one! Additionally, frontman Daniel Johns holds an amazing distinction of having twice won this APRA Songwriter of the Year prize!

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Personal Life

Daniel Johns made headlines in 2023 when he signed with music company BMG to represent his entire catalogue, shortly after co-founding Silverchair bandmates Chris Joannou and Ben Gillies released a tell-all memoir entitled Love & Pain.

Silverchair’s story was detailed in an unauthorised book written without their approval; Joannou and Gillies recently told Australian Story that writing their narrative had been cathartic for them.

Silverchair have gone from practicing in their garage to taking to world stages like Roseland and accepting ARIA awards in 1995 despite years of heartache, drugs use, booze, drugs and infighting within their ranks. But even amid all this turmoil and upheaval their friendship has survived and thrived despite any difficulties or disagreements within. Two examples are the Roseland dressing-room food fight or sending Josh Shirley (son of Frogstomp producer) to accept their statuettes instead – both are testament to this fact!

Net Worth

Ben Gillies has found immense success as the drummer for Silverchair, an esteemed band known for their music. Through acting and rugby league he has also enjoyed considerable success.

He has received many awards and nominations throughout his career, in addition to appearing on various television programs and taking part in charitable efforts.

At least part-time vegan, she has long supported animal rights. Additionally, she has struggled with mental health issues including anorexia and reactive arthritis. He previously was married to Natalie Imbruglia but they later divorced – she bears two of his children although currently single he reportedly estimated net worth is between $20-25 Million USD

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