Silvus 4200 User Manual

The Silvus 4200 is a lightweight, low-power MIMO radio that delivers unmatched performance and efficiency in a portable package. Its StreamCaster radios are ideal for portable and embedded applications, and deliver high-speed data and video communications. Unlike traditional Tier 1 and 2 systems, the SL4200 also features advanced anti-jam features, which improve signal reception and minimizes interference.

This radio has a self-healing capability and a self-forming mesh network, making it an excellent choice for multi-vessel operations. Silvus’ MN-MIMO technology provides a high-throughput, reliable connection that outperforms legacy systems. The advanced MIMO antenna techniques combine downlink video and high-speed data, ensuring a reliable real-time transmission.

The SC4200EP is a powerful and compact 2×2-MIMO radio that delivers best-in-class performance and efficiency. This high-tech communication solution is designed for portable and embedded applications that have limited resources. Its advanced MIMO antenna techniques can combine downlink video with high-speed uplink/downlink data. Its rugged design and high-throughput capabilities make it ideal for these missions.

The SC4200EP features a 2×2 MIMO system that offers a unique performance and efficiency solution. It can even penetrate the thickest structures and maximize throughput and reliability. The SC4200EP is an ideal choice for mobile and embedded applications that require a compact, lightweight package. The SC4200EP is also a versatile option for multi-vessel operations. The SC4200EP features an intuitive, user-friendly interface and a self-healing mesh network.

The SC4200EP is a dual-band MIMO radio that excels in non-line-of-sight tele-robotics missions. Its flexible design allows it to integrate with multi-vessel operations. Its 15-channel architecture ensures seamless connectivity. The SC4200EP is the perfect choice for portable and embedded ISR applications. Its MN-MIMO technology creates a high-throughput connection that outperforms legacy systems.

The SC4200EP is a 2×2 MIMO radio that is ideal for non-line-of-sight tele-robotics missions. Its patented design makes it ideal for embedded and portable applications. Its flexibility and reliability allow it to work in harsh environments without compromising safety. Its MN-MIMO technology enables an incredibly high-speed connection that outperforms legacy systems.

The SC4200EP is a 2×2 MIMO radio that enables multi-vessel communications. Its patented MN-MIMO technology is the most efficient airborne ISR radio on the market. Its MN-MIMO technology combines high-speed uplink and downlink data for superior throughput. The MN-MIMO radios also provide superior performance over legacy systems.

StreamCaster radios are capable of achieving best-in-class performance and efficiency in a portable or embedded application. StreamCaster radios also feature a unique patented technology called MN-MIMO, which uses the reflected signals from water to transmit high-speed data. This technology is the best airborne ISR solution, with uplink and downlink video capabilities that rival satellites cannot match.

The SC4200EP’s dual-band antennas combine high-speed data with downlink video. Its advanced MIMO antennas are designed to enhance throughput and reliability for real-time data transmission. They are also a versatile solution for multi-vessel operations. These high-speed communications radios feature a self-healing feature that prevents interference. While this technology is not as robust as previous systems, it is still a good choice for many airborne applications.

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