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Simple Pleasures: Stocking strategies for the winter

It’s already cold outside and it snows a lot. That is why we have to devise such storage strategies that we feel comfortable, cared for and well looked after at home even in the cold months. Then you can fully enjoy the winter fun! Because winter is actually not a bad, but cold season!
Do you know how the squirrels prepare for the cold weather? Yes, these little animals are a great example of how anything can be done with pleasure. They work tirelessly to provide them for the winter. So, we have to think about that too – let’s start with warm socks for everyone in the family, for example, and move on to fun board games and bottles of good wine in the cellar. Today we reveal to you such strategies that will fill your life with a lot of pleasure all winter long. Yes, a great season of wellbeing awaits you!


A season of well-being begins!

Firewood. If you have a fireplace or stove, it is necessary to get good, dry wood before winter really sets in.
While wood looks really inviting, it’s probably best to stack the bulk of it outside to keep small critters from entering the house. A covered porch can be a good transition space to hold the pile of wood there. And a properly arranged stack of wood gives your four walls even more comfort when it is in the hallway and you are always looking at it every time you enter the house on stormy days.


Comfortable rubber boots and warm raincoats are a must on these cold days.

Filthy boots and barn coats. Surely we all have comfortable boots and warm coats to wear in cold weather. But it’s so convenient to have a couple of pairs of waterproof bumpy boots and coats made of waxed cloth. It is better to keep them within easy reach, because you may need them all of a sudden to do a quick and annoying outdoor job.
Does this picture remind you of the British countryside? We do! And there’s something so charming about having your bastard boots and rain gear close at hand by the back door. Is it true?


Make yourself comfortable in front of the fireplace in the living room or cozy and warm in the bedroom!

Comfortable bedding and cozy throw blankets. The fresh, new bedding always has a positive effect and can even cheer up the ghosts immediately in winter. Think about your comfort and warm well-being – flannel fabrics, woolen blankets and thick down comforters are totally welcome inside when it’s cold outside. And having some luxurious soft throw blankets is a must. On cold days there is nothing better to move from one room to another, with a mug of hot tea in hand, of course, and to feel comfortable and cozy.


Having a rich home library is a real pleasure!

Books. Stacks of books are an open invitation to throw away your plans and read them all afternoon in a cozy atmosphere. Here is a tip for those of you who are constantly trying to narrow down your book collection instead of accumulating it: go to the library and discover the fascination of books. What do you actually prefer? Books about art or design, impressive literature, exciting crime novels or practical cookbooks? Or do you often access what you’re in the mood for. Yes, this is a good strategy, and a tried and tested one!

wine rack-wine bottles-well-organized

Treat yourself to a glass of wine in the winter cold!

Wine. When enjoying a glass of wine at lunch, it is good to know you have something in reserve in case it snows outside shortly afterwards.
Even looking at a good wine collection on the wine rack, on the wine rack or in the cellar has a calming effect. And when unexpected visitors come or a storm hits, you can rest assured that there will be a good bottle to warm you up and make you feel much better.

modern living room couch armchair

A little light is burning …….

Candles. They make every ambience romantic and very cozy. The magic of candlelight is always overwhelming. In the event of a power failure, large pillar candles are simply a must. They donate light and bring a special flair to the room. On a winter evening, candles are also appropriate to create a cozy atmosphere at home


Nowadays everyone needs a well-equipped and modern kitchen!

Comfortable things in the kitchen. Tea. Hot chocolate. Stewpots and soups in the freezer. A pantry filled with delicious sweets. Whether you are walking in the snow or working in the office all day, there is always something special about winter that whets your appetite. So, you will always have a good feeling when you can be sure that your kitchen is always well looked after!

bathroom aroma therapy wooden bath mat

Enjoy an aroma bath at home after a long cold day and relieve stress!

Aroma therapy in your own bathroom. Even if you take a shower, an aromatic bath is a pure pleasure that you can indulge in more often in winter. Pick several wonderfully fragrant oils as a temptation. To make the bathing experience even more pleasant, you could add a new sauna-inspired wooden bath mat and a tray to hold your book or cup of tea while you fully enjoy the aromatic bath.

music room-piano-table-two-armchairs

A music evening at home? Yes why not!

Board games, puzzles and other toys. Snow-covered surroundings on ice-cold days make us feel a little nostalgic, then you remember the good old school days, don’t you? Then do not hesitate to take out your monopoly game. Or would you prefer to play cards or chess? Or solve puzzles with the children? If you or another family member plays a musical instrument, you can practice together on long winter evenings or host a small music event.

Enjoy the cold season and discover every day the little pleasures it keeps hidden!

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