Simply buy Austria vignette online

From 2018 you can finally buy all vignettes (10 days, 2 months and annual vignettes) online. This is usually much easier and faster than at the gas station or at the ADAC. The vignette is then registered on the vehicle’s license plate number. The disadvantage: At the moment it is still the case that the vignette only valid on the 18th day after the online purchase is. However, if you state that you are an entrepreneur in the online shop, the vignette will be valid immediately.


Enter number plate and buy online

You can easily buy the vignette online on the website of the Austrian motorway operator ASFINAG. The Austrians made the online order really easy and clear: You enter your German license plate number in the form BA-ML9023 (no hyphen between letters and numbers). In the next step, an email address must be entered. You can currently pay by PayPal, Credit card or Bank Transfer via Klarna.

Special tolls for the Brenner motorway, for example, can also be purchased directly online!

The vignette is then valid for the period purchased and linked to the license plate. We find it particularly nice that the toll for individual routes, formerly known as “video toll”, can now also be used in the same system eg the Brenner autobahn can buy. The purchase is made on the license plate as well as on the vignette. We always recommend the video toll, because if there is a traffic jam at the mouse station, you can simply drive through the video toll lane or any lane you like. Anyone who is still handling cash out of the window has only themselves to blame ;-).

Is the vignette of my rental car / car valid? Check online!

If you are traveling in Austria with a rental car, you should definitely check online whether a valid vignette has already been booked on the license plate before you stick another one in the window! Anyone can check the validity of the vignette for any number plate online here at the ASFINAG vignette register.

How is the digital vignette checked?

As with the old adhesive vignettes, there are no automatic control devices that check the vignettes for all vehicles. Rather, the digital vignette is randomly checked by ASFINAG employees. There are automatic checkpoints with cameras for this, but these are mobile and change their location again and again.

Video: This is how the video toll works

… the video toll can also be bought online, now even very easily on the Asfinag mobile website while on the go:

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