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The Best Sixth For Colleges In The Uk For Foreign Students

Sixth-form Colleges In Uk – Education Information

Britain is famous for the highest level of education, which is equaled not only by the countries of the European Union, but also by the whole world. The British College is an educational institution of secondary vocational education, where yesterday’s students are preparing for admission to higher educational institutions. The term Sixth Form colleges refers to the school years Year 12 and Year 13, which in many schools are called Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth. They can also be designated as L6 and U6. The term itself stems from an earlier education system in England. Although the system itself was changed in 1990-1991, it was decided to keep the term Sixth Form. Self-study at the Sixth Form is not required, students can choose other forms to complete secondary education. However, this is the shortest way to universities in the UK, as other forms may take longer. Vocational education programs are offered by at least 500 colleges in the UK. Among them are not only public, but also numerous private educational institutions. GCSE, General Certificate of Secondary Education results are required for admission to college in most of the UK. International students who do not have it are often required to complete the Foundation preparatory program. Also, an IELTS or TOEFL certificate is usually required, confirming the student’s current level of English. However, the requirements will be significantly lower than for admission to the university. Prestigious colleges in the UK may also require an essay and a motivational letter from an applicant.

International Sixth Form Colleges In Uk – Advantages Of Studying

  • A diploma of successful completion of college in the UK practically guarantees a successful admission to university. Moreover, the diplomas of colleges in England are quoted not only within the country, but also around the world.
  • Flexibility of curricula, which provides for the independent construction of the curriculum by the student and the transition between the directions of one educational institution through the transfer of disciplines — without the need to take any special exams, tests or otherwise confirm their knowledge;
  • Electives lectures from famous people who have become famous in science, business, show business, are held in top colleges weekly, and students are allowed to attend such events usually for free;
  • Effective preparation for admission to universities, including top Ivy League universities in the USA, which is important, studying at a British college is often cheaper than at special preparatory courses designed for foreign students, and the admission conditions are almost the same.

International Sixth Form Colleges – Specifics Of Studying

Sixth Form College is designed for the students aged from 14 to 19. Usually, education at this level takes place from 16 to 18 years, but colleges can also offer a more flexible studying scheme with a wide range of subjects for students aged 14 to 19 years, and sometimes older. Most colleges in the UK with boarding accommodation type organize many sports and other activities beyond the school curriculum. However, the infrastructure of the college is usually more limited than in traditional schools and often sports fields are located not on the college grounds, but outside of it. The emphasis is on the academic part of the studying and the main goal is to achieve the highest possible results in academic exams. Many of the colleges offer not only preparation for A-level exams, but also intensive preparation for A-level, one or two-year GCSE course, retake of A-level exams, a course of preparation for English IELTS and Foundation Programs, often mandatory for international students wishing to enroll to universities in the UK.

Sixth Form Colleges Fees For Foreign Students

Traditionally, the last two years of school education are more expensive than the previous years of study. Studying for the Sixth Form in prestigious colleges in the UK can cost from £20,000 per year. Private sixth-form colleges offer studying in small classes, where increased attention to each student individually is guaranteed. Sixth Form colleges have the opportunity of intensive one-year studying for A-level exams and the price for such a course will be more expensive than for a standard two-year course. In addition, foreign students should take into account the cost of living, food, travel, and so on.

The best sixth form colleges in UK – TOP 10

  • Cardiff Sixth Form College
  • Concord College – Shrewsbury
  • Hurtwood House – Dorking
  • Albemarle Independent College – London
  • D’Overbroeck’s College – Oxford
  • Abbey College – Cambridge
  • CATS College Canterbury
  • BramptonCollege – Hendon
  • Duff Miller College
  • Cambridge Tutors College – Croydon.

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