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Sliding doors – bring modern aesthetics and innovative technologies into your home

Are you open and ready for new design ideas? Do you want to introduce modern aesthetics and innovative technologies into your interior while saving space and creating new storage space? If you answer these questions in the affirmative, then you’ve come to the right place! Because we have the solution that you are bound to be looking for a long time. It’s called high-quality sliding doors made to measure!


Are you looking for new design ideas for your home?


Made-to-measure sliding doors – innovative and practical

  • What advantages do the made-to-measure sliding doors bring to your design concept?

We all know very well what most city apartments look like these days. In principle, every square meter counts there, because the living space is not enormous. On the contrary, in most cases you try to use the tiny space practically and optimally in order to create more comfort and cosiness in your own home. Therefore, all space saving designs are welcome. The modern sliding doors are a real synonym for this. These always make a little more of your living space. They are a practical and functional way to pair modern aesthetics and practicality while maintaining a strong sense of unity in the space. Made-to-measure sliding doors have found a wide range of practical applications in recent years because they meet all the criteria of modern interior design. First, they are made to measure, that is, your space and all your wishes and individual needs are taken into account when you order. The good end result can even exceed your most beautiful expectations. Second, they work quietly and easily with just the touch of a finger. In addition, they do not, in principle, require any free space to be opened. For all of the reasons listed above, made-to-measure sliding doors are logically used in every apartment!

sliding glass doors

Make something more out of your living space!


Bring continuity to your interior!

  • Where can modern sliding doors be used?

There are some manufacturers that have been tried and tested in practice, but one of them stands out because it guarantees high quality and modern aesthetics. At www.aufundzu.com you can find a wide range that includes intelligent cabinet systems, room dividers and sliding doors of all kinds for indoors and outdoors. Do you want to redesign your wardrobe to make it more functional and modern? Or do you need modern sliding doors between your interior and the terrace? Individual room dividers can be made to measure for any room. They are space-saving and decorative at the same time, separate the individual functional zones, delimit them and create a clear view through the rooms. All of the company’s products are developed according to your individual needs and personal wishes.

sliding doors

Sliding doors perfectly delimit different rooms

modern cabinet systems

Modern cabinet systems for more storage space at home

wooden sliding doors

The modern cupboard systems can also fit perfectly on the top floor

  • Which materials are mostly used for sliding doors, cabinet systems and room dividers?

Before you choose the material for your sliding doors, cabinet systems or room dividers, you would certainly feel a bit overwhelmed. Because here customers are often spoiled for choice. Aluminum and glass are of course in great demand, because these two natural materials are environmentally friendly, aesthetic and functional. But the diverse company production includes various configurations, sizes and designs. That is why the materials used range from glass and acrylic to numerous types of wood and plastic decors. But you shouldn’t feel confused or desperate when choosing them, because the company’s specialists will be happy to assist you and give you expert advice. Aufundzu.com has a well-trained and experienced team that will make your daring dreams of sliding doors and cabinet systems at home come true. Because their products stand for high quality, modern aesthetics and innovative technologies that you can feel in your home every day!


Modern, space-saving design concept with many practical advantages


The key here is to use the available space optimally and create an aesthetic spatial vision

bedroom closet-white-sliding-doors

Romance and modernity on the roof!

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